(READ) Covid-19 taxpayer funding is tapped out, says US govt.

The following is an excerpt from Becker’s Healthcare.

None of the Covid-19 funding Congress previously provided to Human and Health Services (HHS) remains unallocated, including funding for vaccines, testing and therapeutics, according to information sent to Congress and obtained by The Washington Post

The White House has asked Congress to approve an additional $22.5 billion in Covid-19 aid. Some Senate Republicans have requested a fuller accounting of how the federal government spent roughly $6 trillion in pandemic aid before authorizing supplemental funding, according to the Post

Lawmakers say they are close to an agreement to provide more Covid-19 relief, but the amount still isn’t locked in. Congress is expected to provide at least $15 billion in funding, The Hill reported March 7.

Additional note: Mass Covid funding was not included in the recently-passed omnibus spending bill. Congress will consider it as a separate measure.

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