(READ) Sen. Johnson and Dr. Robert Malone share ‘truth’ about the ‘Covid Cartel’

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The Federalist article titled “The Covid Cartel Lied, People Died. Now They Say It’s All Your Fault” is an opinion piece written by U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) and Dr. Robert Malone (mRNA scientist).

The men recently joined efforts to publicly share how they say Americans were turned against one another to cover-up the gross government mismanagement by the “Covid Cartel.” They say this cartel is comprised of federal health agencies, Big Pharma, legacy media, and Big Tech.

Due to the negligence of the cartel, Malone and Johnson argue, many Americans died unnecessarily, while the unvaccinated were being blamed for the pandemic to distract the masses from the truth.

The full op-ed can be read here, and excerpts are posted below. 

“The timing of scapegoating the unvaccinated for the ongoing pandemic was no coincidence. For anyone paying attention and not blinded by the siren song of Fauci, it was becoming apparent that the vaccines were not as safe or effective as we all hoped and prayed they would be. Because the Covid cartel was so vested in vaccines as the only solution to the coronavirus, evidence that their strategy was failing required a response.” 

“The fall 2020 surge had peaked in January 2021, with the number of cases and deaths falling rapidly over the next 5 months. By June 2021, there had been approximately 120 million Covid infections in America, and strong evidence of the durability of natural immunity following Covid infection was growing. The percentage of fully vaccinated Americans was steadily increasing, and the logical expectation was that herd immunity was being achieved and the end of the pandemic should mercifully be in sight. But it wasn’t, and the Covid cartel needed someone to blame: the unvaccinated. Because they had done everything they could to block early treatment, they had no therapeutics to offer the newly infected. Unlike Mexico, India’s Uttar Pradesh, and many other “less developed” nations, they couldn’t suddenly embrace the widely available, safe generic drugs they had spent the last year trashing and suppressing. The body count was simply too high for them to admit they were wrong about the life-saving potential of these drugs. So instead of fessing up to their tragic mismanagement, they allowed more people to needlessly die.” 

“The American people were manipulated and turned against each other to hide government mismanagement, while many died unnecessary deaths due to suppression of early treatment options. Countless workers had to choose between losing their jobs or being coerced into accepting a medical treatment – Covid vaccination – they preferred to refuse. Businesses were disrupted, closed, and harmed, and the fabric of American society was deeply scarred.” 

“A time of reflection and reckoning is coming, as the Canadian trucker strike proves. The Biden administration and the rest of the Covid cartel must stop dividing America and abusing its awesome powers. The path forward should be obvious. Respect the public by being honest and transparent with it. And stop infringing our God-given freedom and personal health autonomy.” 

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2 thoughts on “(READ) Sen. Johnson and Dr. Robert Malone share ‘truth’ about the ‘Covid Cartel’”

  1. Hi Sharyl!

    Thank you for your reporting on this (and everything else, for that matter). When discussing current affairs, I tell people that there are very few real journalists left … you among them.

    Eventually, the COVID cartel won’t be able to keep a lid on things. Perhaps it will be the mid-terms that bring about hearings into what went on during this time. In any case, eventually the truth will out and there should be consequences – not only for the mismanagement, but mostly for the deception.

    Dr Will

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