(READ) Watchdog group exposes Critical Race Theory training materials in federal agency

The watchdog group Judicial Watch says it has received 48 pages of records from the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), which includes a training PowerPoint presentation titled “Race and gender based microaggressions.”

The documents were obtained in response to a Jan. 27, 2021 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request asking for:

  • All records of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) containing any of the following key words: ‘whiteness’; ‘unconscious bias’; ‘intersectionality’; ‘white privilege’; ‘Kendi’; ‘Robin DiAngelo’; ‘systemic racism’; ‘structural racism’; ‘close hold’; ‘climate justice’; or ’critical race theory’
  • All CFPB records instructing or suggesting that any individuals or groups of people are fundamentally privileged, oppressive, oppressed, racist, or evil on account of their race; and 3.
  • All CFPB records instructing or suggesting that America is a fundamentally racist or evil country. 

The records include a presentation by the CFPB’s Director of the Office of Civil Rights, Melissa Brand, titled “Race and gender based microaggressions.”

The “goals” of the presentation include (as published):

  • To help you identify race and gender based microaggressions
  • To help you understand how microaggressions can turn into discrimination and/or unlawful harassment
  • To help you understand your role in preventing discrimination and harassment in the workplace
  • To help you know how to respond to these situations

A slide titled “Microaggressions” defines microaggressions as “verbal and nonverbal behaviors” that “communicate negative, hostile, and derogatory messages to people rooted in their marginalized group membership (based on gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, etc.)”

The slide further notes that microaggressions can be “intentional or unintentional,” and are “more subtle” than “using racial epithets or displaying swastikas.”

In the appendix, slides titled “Examples of racial microaggressions,” include:

  • “Where are you from?”
  • “Where were you born?”
  • Asking an Asian American or Latino American to teach them words in their native language.
  • “You are so articulate.”
  • “Everyone can succeed in this society, if they work hard enough.”
  • Person of color is mistaken for a service worker
  • College or university with buildings that are all named after ‘White’ [sic] heterosexual upper class males
  • Overabundance of liquor stores in communities of color
  • A section featuring “Examples of sex based microaggressions – aimed at females,” includes: “Have you been working out? You look good!!” – “You have a doctorate?” – Male colleagues interrupt women at meetings.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton stated the following in response to these documents:

“Federal Agencies shouldn’t abuse tax dollars for CRT indoctrination, which makes a mockery of serious race and sex discrimination issues. This document from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau shows critical race theory is alive and well in the Biden administration.”

View CFPB PowerPoint presentation here

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4 thoughts on “(READ) Watchdog group exposes Critical Race Theory training materials in federal agency”

  1. I consider CRT propaganda as a “microaggression.” When do we activate a class action lawsuit?
    Perhaps we can coin a new term- “Macro-aggression?” As in: when the deep swamp uses our tax dollars to hoodwink We US citizens.

  2. Interesting that the proponents of CRT insist we change for them but there is no mention of them changing for those who believe otherwise. So very divisive.

    1. well for us to change to your side, we’d have to begin hating ourselves for the color of our skin and want things to revert to the good ol’ days when you could freely hang us without retribution or reprisal in too many cases. Think about what you’re saying and read more than the internet, please all of America. Love is the answer, and your clinging to the 20th century is very Russian of you.

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