(READ) White House says it has no money to buy 4th doses of Covid-19 vaccine

The following is an excerpt from Becker’s Healthcare – Hospital CFO Report.

“Right now, we don’t have enough money for fourth doses, if they’re called for,” Jeff Zients, White House Covid-19 response coordinator, said on a forthcoming episode of the podcast “In the Bubble with Andy Slavitt” that was recorded March 21 and shared with the Post. “We don’t have the funding, if we were to need a variant-specific vaccine in the future.”

The officials said they can’t place advance orders for additional vaccines for those in other age groups unless lawmakers pass a stalled $15 billion funding package.

The FDA is due to meet April 6 to discuss the country’s Covid-19 booster shot strategy, including the timing of boosters for the coming months and when the shots should be updated to target specific variants. (continued)

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4 thoughts on “(READ) White House says it has no money to buy 4th doses of Covid-19 vaccine”

  1. I am so sick of these government officials wanting more money for the covid shots. When is America gonna hold these pharmaceutical companies accountable for the injuries and deaths from the shots?
    The shots need to be banned! Where are the Republicans to help Senator Johnson get these shots and all mandates for them stopped??? The government is not working for the people. May God help us in these horrendous times. Wake up people!

  2. Christopher A Huber

    I am not sure but I find it strange that they can find money to fly people all over the United States but if a pandemic happens, they need more money.
    I still have a cough & mucus from the shots. I don’t need any more symptoms. Also why aren’t we going after the company that made the virus & administration officials who paid for it. Why haven’t they been fired & charged with manslaughter?

  3. I heard on news that they reallocated Covid funds to move migrants who crossed southern border to other places around the US.

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