Report: Hunter Biden emails show Secret Service provided false info to Congress

The Secret Service has told Congress it doesn’t have three years of records related to its protection of Hunter Biden, the then-vice president’s son.

However, emails discovered on Hunter’s laptop, which has been in government custody for more than two years, show multiple Secret Service communications during the time he “crisscrossed the world from China to Ukraine seeking foreign business on his father’s vice presidential watch.”

Just the News has reviewed the emails and written a new article about them.

“The Secret Service’s inability, or perhaps unwillingness, to comply with my requests for records relating to Hunter Biden is unacceptable,” Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) told Just the News. “We now know that Hunter Biden’s laptop contained records that the Secret Service claimed they did not possess and therefore failed to produce to me and Senator Grassley. I can think of only two explanations for their lack of compliance, either the Secret Service is incompetent or it is corrupt.”

The emails are from a laptop Hunter reportedly abandoned at a Delaware repair shop in 2019. The shop owner turned over the laptop to the FBI when he says he saw it contained evidence of alleged criminal activities. The FBI never took any public action on the laptop material. Lead Democrats at the time spread a theory that it was probably Russian disinformation. 

The emails, which Secret Service failed to turn over to Congress, reportedly:

  • Discuss trips such as a visit to Monterrey, Mexico in spring 2011
  • Show the Secret Service protected Hunter on that trip between May 15 and May 17, 2011
  • Reveal Secret Service communications with Hunter regarding a trip to Haiti and Antarctica

“The Secret Service worked extensively with your committees, and agreed to search parameters provided by your office as to identify communications regarding Mr. Biden’s travel,” Secret Service Director James M. Murray wrote the senators on Feb. 14. “These search parameters did not yield communications for the years 2010, 2011, or 2013,” Murray added.

Read the emails and the full article below:

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3 thoughts on “Report: Hunter Biden emails show Secret Service provided false info to Congress”

  1. Adam Schiff provided false statements to Congress about Trump and Russian Collusion multiple times. Schiff manufactured evidence out of Trump’s phone call with President Zelensky. Lying to Congress is apparently not a crime.

  2. Does it even matter anymore? From this disgusting and abhorrent behavior from our very own government that we pay for to the outrageous jail release of smollet because of his feelings it seems like the only ones who get punished are the US public, whether they deserve it or

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