Trump on the ‘Blue Monster’ at Doral

Donald Trump is one of the most important political figures of the day and, arguably, the most important Republican in national politics. But many in the media have taken the historic step of censoring him. For that reason, one of our goals is to publish information about Trump that is otherwise difficult-to-find.

From: Trump National Doral Golf Club – Miami – Blue Monster Golf Course
March 23, 2022
Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
The “Blue Monster” at Doral has undergone millions of dollars of upgrades and renovations. It continues to be one of the great tournament courses anywhere in the world. In the heart of Miami—go check it out!

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1 thought on “Trump on the ‘Blue Monster’ at Doral”

  1. Oh Sharyl, you decided to print whatever he says since he was a president, but now you do advertisements for him! Yes, the Blue Monster was a difficult course but there is no need to advertise for Donald about the changes made. He can pay for his own advertising!

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