‘Ukraine on Fire’: What’s not getting reported

The following is a news analysis.

if you’re watching developments with Ukraine and Russia, you may be thinking that a lot of what’s being reported doesn’t make sense or lacks context. We’re often getting one side of a story portrayed in black and white terms.

And it’s difficult to know what “news” is coming from which sources.

A good example is the early report about the “brave Ukrainian soldiers” on a place called Snake Island that told Russian military intruders to “Go F*ck Yourselves,” and died in a blaze of glory.

Many in the media accepted and reported the information as if they’d confirmed it happened, and without question. They said that Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy had honored the men posthumously for their bravery.

It turns out pieces of that story may not have happened, as reported. In fact, multiple reports now say all of the Ukrainian soldiers are still alive. If so, it would mean they didn’t receive posthumous recognition, as had been reported. It’s also hard to know if those reports are accurate.

What to believe?

A documentary called “Ukraine on Fire,” made long before the Russia invasion, provides a lot of context that’s not being discussed. Filmmaker Oliver Stone interviews Ukrainian figures involved in decades of civil war, infighting, and controversies. The documentary also explores the US role in Ukraine’s political upheavals over the years. And it discusses manipulation of media messaging.

Watch at the link below. Notes on topics as covered in the documentary are underneath the link. Context and additional information never hurts: Do your own research. Make up your own mind. Think for yourself.

Watch video here on Rumble

00-33:00 (minutes): History of Russia and Ukraine, Ukraine’s back-and-forth split between siding with Germany (including Nazis during WWII) and Russia. US protection of former Ukrainian Nazi sympathizers and collaborators in order to get intel against Soviet Union.

41:40: Discussion of outsiders infiltrating peaceful protests in Ukraine, turning the protests into a coup d’etat, similar to what was done in Libya, Moldova, Lebanon, and Georgia (former Soviet Union). Role of outside, global “Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs)” in funding political activities in Ukraine. Outside donations for messaging and newly-started Ukrainian TV outlets from US Embassy, Soros-funded NGO.

47:40: Leaked audiotapes of US State Department’s Victoria Nuland and US ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt talking about restructuring the government of Ukraine.

48:22: Propaganda used to create hot buttons to guide world opinion and actions regarding Ukraine, particularly among Americans. Propaganda efforts to create an atmosphere under which if you are fair in your questions or analysis, you are attacked as a Russian sympathizer or Putin stooge.

51:56: Use of trained provocateurs sent by outsiders into peaceful protests in Ukraine.

1:06: Crimea’s overwhelming, democratic vote to rejoin Russia; portrayed as Russia coup or attack.

10:00: Putin on what he perceived as the threat posed by NATO.

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31 thoughts on “‘Ukraine on Fire’: What’s not getting reported”

  1. Something has seemed “off” about this from the beginning. The media propaganda effort on behalf of the Ukrainian resistance far surpasses their support for any American war since Korea. In fact, the media have tended to OPPOSE most American wars, and not always without reason. The left burns American flags and now waves the Ukrainian flag. The America-hating Democrats chant “USA, USA USA” during the SOTU address. it’s phony. We are being played.

    And this is the first time the media have ever supported gun-toting white nationalists! There was supreme irony in Biden’s SOTU address in which he heaped praise on the Ukrainian resistance and then repeated his opposition to Americans owning some of the very weapons that made that resistance possible!

    This makes me think that the Ukrainians aren’t fighting the war they think they are fighting, but are actually proxies in a war that was allowed to happen for some other reason than Ukrainian independence.

    1. Actually, this reminds me of the constant drum beat to war with Iraq over the WMDs, that were never found.

    2. Maybe the reason why the media seem to be biased in Ukraine’s favor is that this is a clear-cut war of aggression. There’s no moral conflict about helping Ukraine, contrary tos the case with Iraq and Vietnam. There was no moral or legal excuse for the invasion, because Russia was never under threat from Ukraine or NATO. It’s hard to make a case that it’s a proxy. Who “allowed” the war to happen? Ukraine was invaded. Invaded countries don’t have to ask for permission to defend themselves.

  2. After I made my earlier post, I recalled a video I saw in which China’s Chairman Xi was very buddy-buddy with Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum. It could be that Xi is Putin’s false friend, encouraging him to undertake a foolish, ill-conceived attack on the Ukraine which would ultimately eliminate Russia as a serious player on the world scene, while pushing the Ukraine into the arms of the EU, and hence in the direction of globalism. This would be to the benefit of both China and Schwab.

  3. Of course the Ukrainians liked Hitler at first. They were sick of being enslaved by Stalin’s Russia. If Hitler had any brains he could have befriended all the captive nations in Stalin’s grasp and taken Russia.ut he did not and made enemies of every one slowing his advance until the Russian winter killed his army. So instead of being enslaved by Germany they were enslaved by Russia and we could of stayed out of the war because the Russians border with Japan would have been left defenseless full of oil and the Japanese would take that instead of the fool hardy attack on the USA. We could of stayed out of that mess and millions of American lives would have been saved.

  4. Robert Parry wrote an article about Victoria Nuland creating the mess in Ukraine. Americans don’t know about US involvement in overthrowing a previous Ukraine government and so they react with horror as Putin tries to fix the mess that Victoria Nuland made.


    Perhaps God doesn’t want the US destroyed right now. But the collective outrage against Russia may go down in history as making the witch paranoia of centuries earlier look totally sane by comparison.

    The narrative is now being driven by those who like to hate as well as by those who are arguing that the US military budget needs to be increased, maybe to a point where the US spends more money on the military than ALL other nations combined.

  5. It occurred to me that there is another concern regarding Putin’s decision making processes. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. If this is accurate some of the most commonly utilized medications have a common side effect of causing paranoia. I can’t think of a worse scenario than the leader of the country with the largest nuclear arsenal suffering from paranoia.

  6. All the hand wringing and shouting “Incendio” at the Russian Voldemort
    still can’t get those war flames large enough to cast a shadow on what is being done to our country. You know its bad when the Rino shadow puppets are getting stuck in the excrement being flung by these corprofascists. Only those with a myopic worldview believe any of this nonsense.

  7. We can be unsurprised that YouTube has removed the video. Thank you for the reporting, as always, Sharryl. Perhaps there is a mirror on Bitchute.

  8. I keep wondering, what’s really going on? Russia is not this bad at war. They could obviously flatten the place in less time than what they have already spent there. The stalled convoy, the apparent “botched strategy”, etc, this just can’t be the state of things. I don’t know what’s really gong on, but the longer it goes on, the less makes sense. Why the restraint? I skimmed through the documentary and watched the last 30 minutes or so, enough to know I need to watch the rest very closely. Now, Oliver Stone has been known to stretch the truth and make some pretty fantastical claims, but he’s also been vey enlightening at times. I do not know who the other person involved is either, but I will try to learn so I can make a more informed opinion of the situation.

    1. Having been a professional soldier, I can tell you with certainty that the holistic view of the Russian army is that of an ill prepared and poorly trained enterprise.

      While amateurs jabber about tactics, pros assess and evaluate logistics. This is a very poorly run outfit.

      Professional soldiers can look at a military unit and judge its equipment, gear, the soldiers, their uniforms, their weapons, a convoy, its route discipline and order, the manner in which it moves with flank security and air cover, and their communications discipline and assess their capabilities and training.

      A decent army does not bunch up on a single road and stop. If NATO were in the game, that convoy would be ablaze by the first ten miles of movement. It looks woefully amateurish.

      This is not a good army pretending to be poor. It is a shitty army pretending to play above their game.

      The Ukrainians have assisted us by showing the deficiencies in the tactics and warfighting capabilities of the Russians. Guys with shoulder fired rockets are decimating tanks and mobile artillery. Give the Ukrainians more such weapons and they will kill every bit of Russian rolling stock.

      The Russians are a notoriously and historically poor army that offsets its deficiencies by using gobs of artillery and in the modern age rockets. It has a fixation on medieval, Dark Ages siege tactics that are vicious, kill children/women/old people and are simply backward.

      This is not a new development. This is exactly what Russia and Putin did in Grozny in the Second Chechen War. Study that war. The Russians did the same thing in the same inept and maladroit way.

      There is not a lick of evidence that Russia has operated with even a thimbleful of combined arms warfighting expertise — meaning the skillful coordination amongst infantry, armor, artillery, and air power at the battalion and company level.

      This is a bad army that cannot shoot, move, and communicate.

      The fact that they have lost so many senior officers to the Ukrainians is a coup for the Ukrainians, but a gross deficiency to the invaders. Generals do not run patrols or ramble about the FEBA (foward edge of the battle area).

      So, no, this is a lousy army and has monkey equipment (unsophisticated, huge quantity tanks as an example) that relies on fighting against children, women, and old folks who is getting its nose bloodied by a bunch of dedicated patriots fighting for their families, country, and freedom.

      Russia is economically 25% smaller than Italy and fields an army of equal quality. If Russia didn’t have nukes, they would be known as they are — a gas station with coal.

      These are hard truths based on evidence. Show me evidence to indict this view and I will gladly change my opinion.


      1. A very intellectual military POV. I dont question your knowledge of the Russian Military. What I do question is where your information about the Ukraine conflict is coming from. The Military Times?

        Do you honestly believe there is factual information about the the details of this conflict available?

        I certainly dont, therefore there is no way for me to be able to accurately know.

        With everything you wrote. If correct. The U.S. and NATO could be done with this conflict tomorrow. Why have they not? Russian nukes? If Russia is so inept at war, why should we believe their technology is not inept. With MAD firmly in place, launching nukes against the West would be suicide. We could just as easily do what we want, wipe out Russia’s military, stop this conflict tomorrow…and who is going to do anything about it? Why have we not?

        That said, Putin may be suicidal and insane. Add to that, the people controlling the U.S. are not “America First” people. They are directly America’s enemies with the intent of destroying America as we were brainwashed to believe it is. That brainwashing was really good, and generational. I bought it growing up, and in to my adult years. It wasn’t until I began to get information outside of the vast media bubble that I began to learn of the U.S.’s nefarious dealings and proxy wars all over the globe.

        The CIA is a nefarious organization. Always has been, and hates the core American people. They recruit from Anti-American institutions such as Yale. Their bloodline is not “America First”. They hate the average American because they consider themselves the elite. Above us all. And they are proving to be so as the Deep State constricts around us, slowly suffocating that “freedom” we we were brainwashed to believe we ever had.

        Don’t get me wrong. I think the American people, as brainwashed as we are, are generally good people. We are heroes, the martyrs, those that run toward the gunfire instead of cowering, but this was instilled in us by a nefarious government who created “Americans” and used us to fight and die in their megalomania.

  9. There are things we know and there may be things we don’t know. Let’s focus first on things we know:

    1. Russia, a small, evil, despotism, invaded Ukraine with a modern army that has laid siege to modern cities with medieval, Dark Ages brutality in the year 2022.

    2. Russia and Putin make war against and kills children, women, and old persons with impunity and savagery. The invader destroys property indiscriminately in furtherance of terror and to break the spirit of free people.

    3. Ukraine, underarmed and with a smaller army, has resisted the invasion with nobility, valor, and the resolution of patriots fighting to preserve their country.

    4. Ukraine has for 40 years looked to the west and has been drawn to the freedom, democracy, and entrepreneurial zeal of the west whilst rejecting its Russian history and the shackles of a Russian vassal state.

    5. Sovereign nations control their governance and culture by the grace of God. There is no fault in Ukraine wanting to live in freedom and to align with free countries.

    6. A free Russian speaking nation on Russia’s border is a threat to Putin’s despotic authoritarian regime.

    7. Putin is an evil man who used murder as part of his barbarous control of the hapless, enslaved Russian people.

    With these facts known to be true, what bloody difference does the questionable history of its subjugation by Russia mean in 2022?


    1. They need your propaganda skills somewhere. Here, where people tend to have an IQ higher than room temperature, it’s wasted.

      1. Insulting people for disagreeing with you isn’t what Sharyl is about. She’s one of the last people who thinks that issues have more than one side.

  10. Ukraine was one of Soros and Co.s pet projects. It was important to install a puppet regime in Ukraine so they could launder money build bioweapons and enrich the cabal. They wanted to do the same thing in Syria and Egypt, but that didn’t quite work out for them.

    So here we are with a giant distraction (war) for the low IQ proletariat to stare at like a shiny object and for the bankers to make exorbitant wealth from.

    Unfortunately, there are no good guys. Ukraine is a worthless shithole of corruption and a center of child trafficking for the political elites in the US and around the world. Bioweapons, money laundering for the CIA and child trafficking are just the major tips of the iceberg.

    The plan is for Putin to drag this out and create a news story with legs to last until the 2022 election. Just as the Chinese released a bioweapon to take the Trump administration out with the compromised DOJ, FBI, CIA, SCOTUS and Congress, this is the plan to take out the mid-terms, make everyone forget about the totalitarian junta in our own country, and banks seizing people’s assets for peacefully protesting a mandatory genetic death jab in Canada.

    We’re living out the end of a banker-controlled world dystopian nightmare. THe US lost even before Trump was inaugurated. They had been controlling *completely* the US since installing Obama with Dominion assistance back in 2008. The US had no non-cabal choice that year because McCain was part of the Soros cabal as well. So when America dared elect Trump, even despite their efforts to cheat in four states, Soros set Obama up in Kalorama with the shadow government already reporting to him and worked feverishly on a plot to make sure they could take the WH again, no matter who the people elected.

    The bioweapon attack was the tool of choice to both control and frighten the masses. China was assured that there would be no military consequences by General Milley of the JCOS and the green light was given. The rest is history you all know.

    The bankers goal is to be “masters of the universe” and control all wealth by destroying nations with massive inflation, more bioweapon releases, creating a worldwide “crisis” and digitizing all currency.

    They want the proletariat masses they control to be either dead or sick and imprisoned in their homes. These people are truly more demon than human. Which is not surprising since they despise all religions and see themselves as gods.

    There is no stopping them with elections – none of these people were ever elected. They believe it is their birthright to control the world and have been at it for millennia.

    So, we are put in the position of our nation’s founders and sadly, we are in a much more drastic position than they ever were. Even then, our founders were having to deal with parasite bankers from Europe that had Alexander Hamilton’s ear.

    So expect 15 dollar gas.
    Another bioweapon attack.
    Another war in Syria
    ISIS re-established (even now they are funneling weapons & money)
    China to benefit from more ‘Green’ BS.
    Dems installed in both houses in ’22
    Hillary to be installed in ’24.
    US currency to be outlawed/digitized/stolen by ’28.
    Socialism made the law of the land by ’30

    1. This link to Ukraine on Fire should be kept on the front page. Buried here, no one will see it and 99% of Americans haven’t a clue as to the history of Ukraine and are drowning in Soros’ propaganda.

    2. I think the peop[e who are fighting and dying for Ukraine would differ. So would the people in besieged cities who haven’t been eating for several days. You picked the wrong war to say “there are no good guys” about. You can say what you want about corruption, but when a country is attacked by a much larger country, corruption takes a back seat to survival.

  11. Maybe the reason why the media seem to be biased in Ukraine’s favor is that this is a clear-cut war of aggression. There’s no moral conflict about helping Ukraine, contrary tos the case with Iraq and Vietnam. There was no moral or legal excuse for the invasion, because Russia was never under threat from Ukraine or NATO. It’s hard to make a case that it’s a proxy. Who “allowed” the war to happen? Ukraine was invaded. Invaded countries don’t have to ask for permission to defend themselves.

  12. The main deficiency of the film is its emphasis on Nazis, both in the past and the present. Stone glosses over the reason why so many Ukrainians were receptive to the extreme right. The famines that happened after the Revolution, the civil war and industrialization made a lot of Ukrainians believer that anybody but the Soviets was a liberator, even the Germans. Yes there was a Ukrainian SS division, but every country the Nazis occupied supplied such divisions. The Ukrainian death camp guards were the bottom of the barrel. Antisemitism pervaded not only Ukraine, but all over Eastern Europe and Russia, including Stalin himself. Currently there are not enough Nazis in Ukraine for one seat in parliament, but Stone makes it look like Ukrainian society and government are crawling with them. As for Nuland and the events of 2014, one side calls it a CIA coup, and another side calls it The Maidan Revolution. Good luck sorting through everything and coming to some conclusion about whether events were completely engineered by the US, or whether the US supported democratic uprising against a pro-Russian government. Whatever happened there doesn’t come close to justifying two Russian invasions and the humanitarian nightmare that Russia is imposing on Ukraine.

    1. Exactly! Very well said. Ukraine on Fire, just because it was done well before the invasion, made is so easy to slant the narrative against the US. I wonder what effect it played on Putin’s imagination that the West would not resist sufficiently. Perhaps Oliver Stone should share some responsibility?

  13. It gives some MUCH needed context. No question about that! You’ll notice some disturbing parallels between the political turmoil in Ukraine, and what we have experienced here during the past several years. Spoiler alert: Thats not a coincidence v

  14. Ukrainians are 80% Russians, These two have 90% same religion, 70% speak russian language, ukrainian language is 60% linguisticly same (same words sam alphabet).

    Biden and his son have a fuge profits from their involvement (board members, direct ownership, etc) in Ukraine as it was. Biolabs are the facts, US under international law cannot open such labs on US soil but there are other countries that they first destroy then install puppet governments to do their dirty jobs. Then it also comes pay for play jobs for other wannabe politicians, families of politicians, go into such countries to be given communication business, energy companies, any other profitable business to run/own to further lute the land and people of the country. This includes a mainstream media that supports such actions for their piece of pie. Two years ago, the Ukraine was proclaimed as most corrupt country in Europe for exactly the sam reasons. There was no rule of law where it comes to any oposing or questions about state of affairs. Most common language band. In fact Zelinski didn’t know ukrainian language (natve russian speaker) until 2 years ago, once he learned it then he declared russian language ilegal.
    Why war, well guns were pointed toward Russia, people in Dombas have been systematically attacked for a years, Crimea people were denied water supply year ago by Ukraine shutting down the main water chanel while they gladly took billions from russian transit gas pipeline. Minsk agreement was being ignored under US government approval for such actions.
    Why US government supports Ukraine, not because they like Ukrainians, they don’t care about those people that suffer so much in last 8 years, it is money and control of those that have financial interests there. Us elite doesn’t even care about their own people never mind some others around the world. If Ukraine fails as it is who is going to pay for all those predatory loans that corrupt Ukraine Government took? Many more horrific criminal activities will surface (US elite and their families), of course censorship is at historic level in all western nations to prevent any voices outside of current narrative. Just weeks ago canadian politician was photographed holding nazi flag (error by main stream media not knowing what the flag was at the time), OMG everyone was to blame but not her. However, her grandfather was part of nazis in WWII and it is hard to believe that she didn’t know.
    I hate the wars been in that, wars do not bring anything good to anyone. After each war that US had initiated and participated in, US people got poorer, poor soldiers came back home mentally broken witout much of medical support for all kinds of physical and mental illnesses. Who benefited, elites, they go after and lute steel while average person pays ever increasing taxes to support endless wars.
    I look around the world for news in efforts to find the truth and always follow the money as it explains true purpose of events.

  15. The book “Accidental Superpower” (2014) talks about Russia’s demographic crisis. No immigrants (Ed Snowden excluded) and birth rate dropping like a stone, Russia runs the risk of sliding off the world stage as a superpower. The book predicts that in 8 years (yes nailed it exactly) Russia would have to absorb Ukraine to sustain itself.
    Don’t hear this discussed much.

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