(WATCH) Fleeing Ukraine

Berlin, Germany — The fallout from Russia’s war on Ukraine is being felt across Europe. By week’s end, the number of refugees was estimated to be over a million. In some European capitals, it’s a crisis they’ve seen before, but this time, the reaction and response are very different. Full Measure contributor Anna Noryskiewicz reports from Berlin, Germany. 

The increased attacks by Russia on cities in Ukraine is creating an increasing exodus of war refugees fleeing a war that is beginning to have an impact felt across Europe.

Since the invasion, nearly a million Ukrainians have fled. Half-million have crossed into neighboring Poland, and many are pushing further west into Germany.

Natalia left Ukraine together with her children and friends. Both her husband and her 21-year-old son are fighting on the frontlines.

Natalia: I cry every day because I left my friends, my family. Because I am very patriotic but my husband said I have to take my daughter.

Christina left Ukraine to protect her little sisters.

Christina: It’s becoming more and more dangerous every day. They don’t deserve such a childhood. 

Just six years ago, Germany welcomed over 1.2 million refugees from the Middle East and Africa, amid heated debates about the merits of chancellor Angela Merkel’s open borders policy.

This time it’s different. A unified, organized troupe of officials and volunteers are well prepared for the influx from Ukraine, and they enjoy the support of a strong majority of Germans.

But the war in Ukraine has left many worried about what might come next. 

David Henning is a hotel owner in Berlin.

David Henning: I’m kind of scared yes, to be honest. I can’t really analyze the whole situation, there could be a full-scale war between NATO and Russia. I’m afraid.

These fears are echoed by the German government, which in the space of 30 minutes just a week ago overturned the country’s decades-long defense, energy and finance policies to create one of Europe’s strongest stands against Putin’s war. 

A multi-billion-dollar gas pipeline from Russia to Germany – Nord Stream 2 – was effectively canceled by chancellor Olaf Scholz, who also agreed to send missiles to Ukraine and immediately spend €100bn on revitalizing Germany’s aging military, as well as tens of billions more on rearmament.

Mr Scholz said Germany had entered, “a new era.”

For Full Measure, Anna Noryskiewicz in Berlin

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