(WATCH) ‘People’s Convoy’ gaining momentum as it nears Washington, D.C.

The “People’s Convoy” paused for a brief lay over in Indianapolis, Indiana, on Mar. 2 where a large rally was held as the truckers and supporters demonstrated by waving a large American flag in the middle of all the encircled trucks.

The “People’s Convoy,” is a cross country ride in support of freedom and against government vaccine mandates and other restrictions.

The convoy left California on Feb 23. and is expected to arrive in the Washington, D.C. area on Saturday, March 5, which is the final stop.

Visit The People’s Convoy website for more information and scheduled stops.

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4 thoughts on “(WATCH) ‘People’s Convoy’ gaining momentum as it nears Washington, D.C.”

  1. Over 50 years ago as a very young man my brother and I drove from NYC to Houston. Looking for employment. We stopped in Knoxville to get something to eat. Total strangers at the table next to us saw we were distraught and came over to ask us the problem and then encourage us to carry on. I have never been back and will probably never see those people again. But I will never forget them reaching out to us yankee city boys to help us out. Good people in Kentucky.

  2. Sharyl, I’m sure you receive many, many comments like mine. Your writing is always a breath of hope for those who despise what is fed our children and grandchildren in ‘government’ schools separating them from the facts of what it means to be a CITIZEN.. born a CITIZEN and attempt to skirt the deep State made up of Tammy Baker fraud artists on our Television “news’ networks and making up the bulk of the columns commonly read in magazines and newspapers.
    Only a short time ago we were energy independent. Ukraine leadership was again set up independently of a Biden’s family’s cash demands. Now, sadly, Ukraine is paying for their geography and Russia’s avarice and Putin’s longing for locked in dependence on his whims once again.
    The middle east had settled in without conflict of an armed nature. The images of flags flying along a highway in the DC area declared that peace. Now look at the tangle of apartment buildings falling in on families. Its a Clinton machine miracle save near the goalposts as “WAR” is proven once again to be the health of the State.
    At 79, I can no longer watch as it happens.

  3. It seems that just a few days ago, as I was scanning “news” articles on my device, and I’m sure that I read an article explaining why the convoy was failing, and apparently breaking up and returning home. A rather short article as I remember.
    Lefty wishful thinking in print?
    Kinda surprising. Wish I could remember who/what posted it, and/or what paper.

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