(WATCH) The Durham Report

Coming up on three years ago, U.S. Attorney John Durham was assigned to look into possible criminal mischief by the FBI and others surrounding the probe of Donald Trump as a supposed Russian spy. A recent court filing says former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman used access to computer data to try to build a Trump-Russia collusion narrative that proved false. He’s already charged with lying to the FBI. He says he’s not guilty. Today, we speak with Congressman Darrell Issa, a top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, about the long-running investigation.

Way back in May of 2019, U.S. Attorney John Durham was assigned to look into possible criminal mischief surrounding the FBI’s probe of Donald Trump as a supposed Russian spy. Durham’s results were repeatedly promised well before the 2020 election and were relevant to it— but they never came.

While the Durham probe continues, there have been three indictments announced so far. One led to a guilty plea of an FBI attorney. Attorney Kevin Clinesmith doctored a document so that the FBI could get a wiretap to secretly spy on a Trump associate.

Now with the investigation approaching year three, Republican Darrell Issa says whatever Durham finds is nearing the category of too little, too late.

Issa: Well, “Justice delayed is justice denied” is not some sort of a trite statement; it’s very true. Anything that comes out of the Durham Report… they could lynch Hillary Clinton, and it wouldn’t change a thing. The fact is, time has passed. It is pretty irrelevant, except it’s a lesson to Congress that putting real-time limits and putting real meat in activities, including Inspector General’s reports and so on, is more important than ever. The time it takes to complete an investigation, or the time it takes for Congress to get to the truth, impacts whether or not you’re going to get the truth and compliance in a timely fashion. If you can hold an administration accountable in real time, they will cooperate. If they know they can run out the clock, as they often do, they won’t.

Sharyl: One of the biggest surprises to me, as a journalist, is what’s been revealed about government surveillance, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, with abuses logged in just a sampling of records by the FBI, with missteps and lapses. And yet, I haven’t heard on any scale that’s been publicly announced, that anyone’s been held accountable, or that anything in the system will be changed, other than we keep hearing, “Well we’ll reeducate our agents and make sure they know the rules,” and so on.

Issa: Well, because the FBI and the Department of Justice have told us time and time again they’ll do better next time, at each reauthorization — once again, the next reauthorization, is in fact, the time to either put teeth in the enforcement or take away some of the capability. Particularly those that were granted under the Patriot Act.

Sharyl: And what do you think is going to happen with that? It seems like every time there’s a chance for members of Congress to do some accountability— in fact, I was told by members of both parties that they favored more rules when there was a key reauthorization that came up, but that their party leaders convinced them to vote against making any changes at that time— do you anticipate that that’s going to be different?

Issa: I expect the same forces will be in play in the next reauthorization. And one of the challenges will be for people, like myself, who were here for the Patriot Act, who have been here for the promises of reauthorizations, to stand with Jim Jordan, or whoever else will stand with you, to say, “No, no, your time is up. Some of these capabilities go away, and if you want to keep some of them, then there have to be criminal and/or civil penalties for misconduct or failures by the Department of Justice and the FBI.” I use the latter, because they usually claim that it’s an omission. The reality is that it is a deliberate omission. From the very beginning, we have seen that what they do is, they like a law that says you can do the paperwork after, because, of course, we need immediate answers. And yet, when the paperwork isn’t done, never done, not only does this go on, but often it’s reauthorized multiple times without the original justification ever being before the judge. 

Sharyl (on-camera): 46 Republican senators have asked Biden’s attorney general to give assurances that Durham will be allowed to finish his investigation and get all resources needed.

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13 thoughts on “(WATCH) The Durham Report”

  1. As the heavens are high and the earth is deep, so the hearts of kings are unsearchable. (Prov. 25:3 NIV)

    “The Clintons are good people.” -Donald J. Trump

    Proving she had a sense of humor, Hillary Clinton once really got a kick out of a joke, Trump once made. He said he and Hillary bumped into each other before the event started. “Pardon me,” said Hillary. And Donald Trump (in his joke) remarked something like “I’ll consider it.”

    So, if Trump is inclined to pardon and not go after the Clinton’s, how much less will the Biden administration.

    This may just be so that she and her aids will decide not to put their hat in the ring… or some other counter-balance or … who knows?

    Changing topic a bit. Donald Trump kept the US out of new wars during his presidency. Donald though once tweeted something about McCain and Graham trying to start WWIII.

    Once the magnitude of the reckless behavior of Lindsay Graham becomes fully known and current risk Lindsay is bringing upon all those alive in the world today, he might have to answer to the many powerful people in this country who don’t want US society destroyed in the next year.

    Ukraine and many other nations, Soviet Union and elsewhere built their subway systems really deep underground. AP now has a photo of Ukrainians taking refuge in subway. Their subway systems were built deep with the sole intention of being able to survive in a nuclear war. There is no parity beween the USA and many other nations when it comes to surviving a nuclear war. Lindsay Graham (if possible) should probably reverse course on starting WWIII before powerful people in this country tire of him rocking the little rowboat we are in. That rowboat being the planet earth. And to the defense contractors who donate to Lindsay Graham …”What good is it if a man gains the whole world, yet loses his own soul?” In the event we die in nuclear war over the next year who will get to enjoy all the money they made?

  2. At this point in 2022, many more millions of people can be added to the list of those who have lost faith in our government. This is why we elected Trump back 2016. Hint, that number grew massively after the labeling of parents as domestic terrorists. Add in the border nonsense and the price of everything and even liberals have had enough of this crap. Yet, our current so called leaders continue the lies and deception with zero accountability. The media has failed to sell the perception that there is support for any of the myriad of cockamamie schemes this administration has pulled. Yet, try not paying your taxes and, like clock work, the goons will show up at your door faster than Hunter Biden chasing a crack dealer down 15th street. No amount of mail in fraud and ballot boxes stuffed with bogus votes can invalidate what we all know in hearts is true. They will keep trying to divided us with racism rhetoric, but it wont work because to many people of different ethnic backgrounds know they are being played. That is why they are moving towards Trumps populism. They know he will demand accountability.

  3. Russia recognizes our weakness in concentrating in idiotic topics such as “gender equality,” race issues where there is none, demonizing opposing viewpoints, demonizing parents, defunding police, tearing down historical statues, renaming one’s sex, etc., etc., etc. In the meantime, China and Russia have far more educated people, such as engineers, than our country because we focus on majors that do nothing to aid people in gaining jobs for the future.

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