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3 thoughts on “Will The Russia-Ukraine War Lead to a Dystopian Outcome? (PODCAST)”

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  2. One reason, I’m daring to comment is to see if the lack of comments is a result of self-censorship(?) on behalf of the readers or if some mechanism is in place to stop comments. Mostly likely I’m assuming, it is because people don’t know about foreign policy from anything approaching an objective perspective. Rather viewpoints you brought out Sharyl just shock them.

    This was a great interview though. It seems 100% correct to me.

    Political pressures from both parties have led to what Henry Kissenger called the widespread “Demonization of Vladimir Putin.” Oliver Stone also did a movie which is available for free on Vimeo called Ukraine on Fire. One of the keys to overthrow a government is to demonize people. The Drudge Report utilized this against Vladimir Putin just days ago, putting up a picture of him with Adolph’s Hitler’s mustache added. All this media misinformation is designed to stop the American people from thinking and doing their own research.

    Really fascinating that in a country such as the US which supposedly has a free press, the most effective brainwashing and suppression of alternate viewpoints has quietly descended.

    Now the test to see if any comments that engage the mind in a beneficial way can be posted. The enigmatic post by Bill Andrews doesn’t seem to pass the turin test. I can’t tell if it is a deliberate attempt to suppress intelligence.

    To put my conspiracy hat on, could the same people that have hacked into Sharyl’s computer or maybe allies in the Military Industrial Complex be suppressing articles like this in order to sell more weapons? They did a great job in getting Germany to agree to buy more weapons by successfully getting Russia to react. Maybe they are some of the same US companies that seem unable to develop cost-effective weapons that China and Russia have developed. And (related note) they are milking the US public with the SLS (Space Launch System) that is now projected to cost 2 billion dollars per launch and each rocket will be not even survive to be reused. What does the F-35 cost? Nearly a billion dollars a plane and it doesn’t work well?
    Maybe you Sharyl, can interview Brett Baeir regarding his “three days” book about Dwight Eisenhower who recognized that military establishment and their suppliers were not working on the behalf of the American people.

    If possible, and if he agrees to it, maybe you can get Seymour M. Hersh to talk with you. He might have something to say about the state of investigative journalism in this Country. As of several years ago, Seymour Hersh was still sharp as a razor. His 2018 book REPORTER is a fun read as he shows how so many reporters were only blindly accepting what the Government told them. Ironically, one of the villains in his book, Henry Kissenger has been one of the few voices of sanity and realism now in the escalating tensions that could lead to unforeseen escalations.

    If China, for its own reasons, wasn’t at least partly interested in keeping Russia afloat, I believe Russia would already have destroyed the US out of frustration with the sheer “nabal”—like (Hebrew term) stupidity and intransigence and ineptitude of American foreign policy. Maybe, I’m over thinking, but personally, I get really angry sometimes with stupid, ignorance coupled with lies and arrogance. It is a bad mixture for me… and that is exactly what I see in so much of greedy American foreign policy.

    Unfortunately, for Americans, the general group-think has now fallen pray to believing their own lies.
    Jimmy Dore has a 35 minute clip on his Rumble channel by a similar name as his name titled
    —”US/NATO Provoked Ukrainian War Say Most Experts On Russia.”—
    From Kissenger to Keanan(sp?) to Steven Cohen to Pat Buchanan to many foreign leaders, this was all so predictable and predicted. Yet the media today and people in government go around asking and wondering “What does Putin Want?” Seymour Hersh had some advice to people who want to do real reporting. “Read first.”

    Although you are better reporter than he (Jimmy Dore) is, Jimmy cranks out interviews with some really knowledgeable people in a funny fashion. Crass Joe Rogan gets his news from Jimmy and Jimmy is crass at times too…. but these potheads run circles around the news establishment as might Usain Bolt outrun an elderly person using a walker. Granted the media establishment doesn’t let their reporters report, and you in order to maintain integrity had to go independent or stay tied to reporting at the rate of a senior citizen shuffling on with a walker. Such is the stifling nature of the “news” media that must always obey a narrative being fed to them.
    May God help you people who are doing real reporting.

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