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11 thoughts on “‘2000 Mules’ and Election Fraud in 2020 (Podcast)”

  1. I listened to every minute… intend to watch the movie.
    I only wish that journalism in the United States was honest as it should be.

  2. Great interview with Dinesh D’Souza. Thorough, balanced, thought-provoking. Thanks for doing this. Looking forward to watching the video and hearing your comments on it. Incredible that our system – as forward-thinking, analytical, and aware of human nature as the founders were – was not designed to deal with election fraud. At least, if proven, there are now media outlets that will disseminate the information.

    1. Beyond an excellent question! (The Murdoch Children are left wing progressives is my only answer so far). But, hopefully Tucker can get Dinesh on and do a TCToday on it!

      Why do you think the “leak” of the SCOTUS decision was done when it was?… “Look, a Squirrel”!!!!

      Anything to distract away from this historic reveal.

  3. Fox is yes, ultimately controlled by Murdoch’s Trump-hating children……too bad about Fox. But what about most Republicans and conservative pundits? Where are they? Are they also afraid of being shadow-banned or doxxed or censored or vilified in the press? What about courage and just doing the right thing? Or even the job you are paid to do? The only answer is that the American people must show their disgust for these cowards and threaten to remove them from office and replace them with those with some intestinal fortitude, if the Right ever expects to regain some self respect and then return to power.

  4. Hi Sharyl, Thank you for all the good work you have done. I know you hadn’t seen the movie yet when you did this podcast. If you heard an honest refutation of this movie, I think a fair person such as yourself would see that it is really all smoke and mirrors. Quick introduction: I made a website (www.WhatHappened.com) in 2020 dedicated to helping Trump get elected. I didn’t make a dime off of it unlike D’souza who is making a fortune off of this movie. I was disappointed when Trump lost and understood all of the claims people were making about the results of the election and questions they had about it not looking on the up and up. I spent a lot of time chasing down the claims and found that unfortunately many good people were being misled by a bunch of charlatans and outright frauds like MIT Prof. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai , Jovan Pulitzer, Matt Braynard, Sidney Powell and a few others. Now disappointingly we have to add D’souza to the list. All he’s shown is that 2000 people were “near” drop boxes and ‘near’ some other UNNAMED places a certain number of times. Near means within about 160 feet! per the accuracy of cell tracking. This is unsurprising considering these boxes tend to be in busy areas and 160 feet is more than half a football field. Then they try to say that means ballots were being dropped off. Hardly. Not a single fraudulent ballot was found, not a single organization was found to be doing anything illegal, not a single person was found doing anything wrong.
    Sharyl, the REALLY interesting story here is how did so many good people (and I know some of them) become convinced that the 2020 election was stolen and that Trump really won. I have a lot of pieces to that story and I can tell you its far more interesting than anonymous cell phone data that is near boxes and UNNAMED other places. If you are interested in doing that story, please contact me at http://[email protected]

    1. The email address above is not supposed to have “https://” in it. I think that got automatically added by your site thinking that is a web URL and not an email address.

    2. John Black echoes the same flimsy rebuttal as the mainstream media, “These people simply passed near a Dropbox, and of course they did, the boxes were placed in high traffic areas.” NO, the geotracking data only guided the investigators to where and when a suspicious drop might be found on the video surveillance. And, Voila, time and again the potential Mule was stuffing 5 to 10 ballots in the box. If not backed up by the video, I wouldn’t give it any credibility either. So if drop boxes are ever allowed again, 24/7 internet surveillance MUST BE REQUIRED!.

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