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1 thought on “After Hours: Zuck Bucks in 2020 and What’s Next? (Podcast)”

  1. Sharyl this Article about money greed and pouring money into things to suit things ? Much like the 2008 Mortgage crises ? States and the Federal Gov. Offices need to put a stop to these kinds of greed . Another mortgage crises is coming to Banks for letting people and others over value what a property is worth. Not to mention there going to cause more people and families not be able to by a Home in Ameri.ca . The Banks in the past 12 years should have refused to loan inflated Home property sales on homes. If you have a recession all these people that purchased homes with inflated values won’t be able to pay causing another mortgage crises ? I’m surprised the Banks and each States Attorney General’s offices didn’t put a stop to this activities long ago ?

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