America’s Public School Exodus (Podcast)

There’s a sea change going on in American education. Whether it will destroy or save the public school system is a matter of much debate. We have the latest trends and statistics on the exodus from public schools.

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2 thoughts on “America’s Public School Exodus (Podcast)”

  1. I love your work. I teach social studies in Erie and was particularly interested in this subject. In addition, I’ve been following you the past couple of years and I often use your stories in my AP Government class. You and John Solomon are among a small group of journalists I trust. Thank you for your integrity.

  2. Thank you for keeping us informed of education trends! I currently homeschool my two kids after trying public school for 2 yrs. I’ve heard public ed. reformers argue that we don’t want funds following the student because whenever gov. is involved with doling out the money there are always strings attached. These strings would ultimately then destroy private schools, university models, & homeschooling just like public schools. I have yet to hear any school choice or follow the money advocate address this problem. For example, charter schools in my state still have to abide by state ed. standards, which are common core aligned, because they receive tax payer funds.

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