CDC announces review and revamp amid Covid-19 criticism

The following is an excerpt from Yahoo! Finance via Marketwatch.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is planning to revamp itself following a one-month review by an outside senior federal health official, according to its head, Dr. Rochelle Walensky. 

The move comes after criticism of the agency for its handling of the pandemic, for issuing confusing guidance over masking, isolation and quarantine, and for changing tack repeatedly. 

The CDC botched the initial rollout of a diagnostic kit that was sent to state laboratories and had to be replaced. It later flip-flopped on face mask wearing and was late to understanding that the virus was airborne. In May of 2021, for example, Walensky said vaccinated people could remove face masks indoors, just weeks before a surge of breakthrough cases that showed they could spread the virus.

The CDC, long considered a gold standard in public health care, has seen its reputation take a battering from the missteps.

Walensky said Jim Macrae, a veteran of the Health Resources and Services Administration and the Department of Health and Human Sources, will conduct the review. Several other senior CDC staffers will also gather feedback on the agency’s structure and hear ideas for change.

 “At the conclusion of this collective effort, we will develop new systems and processes to deliver our science and program to the American people, along with a plan for how CDC should be structured to facilitate the public health work we do,” Walensky said in emailed comments. (Continued)

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5 thoughts on “CDC announces review and revamp amid Covid-19 criticism”

  1. Christine Neuenkirchen

    You all think they handled COVID badly. Take a good, hard look into the “opioid crisis”. Our elderly, Veterans, & those who suffer from rare/chronic painful diseases have 3 choices: 1. Suicide 2. Suffer/tortured 3. The fentanyl-laced streets. Because nobody will hear our plight. Obama did this. 2016, the year our vulnerable came under attack. Thank God for COVID. Now you all can see how inept they are. We are under attack.

  2. Bruce Williamson

    The damage the CDC and FDA have done still stands. I was very vocal at pointing out the logical inconsistencies in both the CDC and FDA guidelines which drew a lot of animosity. Long time friends and acquaintances labeled me as anti-vaccine which I am not. The insanity continues with the recommendation of another booster despite the released Pfizer documents. Philadelphia will reinstate a mask mandate next week. Has the CDC made that recommendation? This is despite the fact that masks are largely ineffective against something as small as a virion.

    Even you, Sharyl, have pointed out the character assassination of many well respected and prominent epidemiologists and virologists. It is as if no one at the CDC or FDA ever considered hearing them. Men like Dr. John Ioannidis, Dr, Sucharit Bhakdi, and Dr. Beda Stadler. who are well respected giants in their fields. Their videos were deleted from YouTube and posts of their opinions were flagged or removed from social media.

    This entire “pandemic” response was botched from the very beginning. It was a knee jerk reaction. As a person who uses logic and reasoning to arrive at conclusions the last few years have frustrated me to no end.

  3. The cdc has a weird history. “The Real Anthony Fowlchi” by R F Kennedy,jr. is very informative on this matter. I challenge you to find the misinformation on page 18.

  4. The fox is in the henhouse at CDC and FDA. Both agencies should be dismantled and replaced. You cannot simultaneously oversee pharmaceutical safety and promote pharmaceutical use without inherent conflict of interest. If this country was sincerely interest in turning around, they’d demand that Congress eliminate both these agencies, enact laws to prohibit the government from owning ANY patents on biotechnology, biologics (vaccines), and pharmaceutical/medical technology products. Finally, they’d eliminate direct-to-consumer advertising in the USA in its entirety.

    But if you watched the recent Anchorage local elections, you’ll notice that in our small corner of America, our citizens voted for “more of the same.” They do NOT want change. They love what’s going on here. And that’s probably true in your hamlet too. Get out there and start demanding these changes, or you’re never going to see the tide reverse.

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