CDC: If you got J&J vaccine, consider Moderna, Pfizer booster next time

The following is an excerpt from Medscape.

The 17 million Americans who received the one-shot Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine are less protected against serious illness and hospitalization than people who got an mRNA vaccine, according to a new CDC study.

“One priority is making sure that people who only received one dose [of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine] are aware that they should go and get, preferably, a messenger RNA vaccine,” Natalie Dean, PhD, a biostatistician at Emory University, told The Washington Post.

The CDC research team looked at how well mix-and-match vaccine booster combinations worked after one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. They used data from more than 80,000 emergency room and urgent care visits, as well as more than 25,000 hospitalizations, in 10 states between mid-December 2021 and early March 2022, when the Omicron variant was dominant.

The researchers found that three shots of messenger RNA vaccines (either Pfizer or Moderna) were 83% effective in preventing emergency room or urgent care visits, followed by 79% for a Johnson & Johnson vaccine plus a messenger RNA booster. Two J&J shots were 54% effective, and a single J&J shot was 24% effective.

Shortly after the study’s release on Tuesday, the CDC changed its recommendations to allow a second booster of the Pfizer or Moderna shots for people who got the J&J vaccine.

The CDC didn’t formally recommend the second booster but said people can receive one if they choose, The Washington Post reported. 

“Right now, there aren’t recommendations for people who got two doses of J&J to get a third messenger RNA shot,” William Moss, MD, executive director of the International Vaccine Access Center at Johns Hopkins University, told the newspaper.

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11 thoughts on “CDC: If you got J&J vaccine, consider Moderna, Pfizer booster next time”

  1. Where are they getting these numbers?
    I work in a hospital and have throughout this whole farce. All of my coworkers who were vaccinated have been out ill with Covid. Some have very serious health issues since being jabbed. I have a religious exemption, and have not been vaccinated. Most of the patients that came into the ED with covid had also been vaccinated. The hospital has also lied about it to the local press.

  2. By mixing and matching their poison jab when a person dies or is damaged there will be no way to determine which shot caused the problem. They gave the placebo group in the trial the vaccine shortly after it was released as another way for us to never know if only the vaccinated were dying or the unvaccinated. We now have no long term placebo group for the first time in the history of trials. It is all a cover up scam to murder people and anyone that believes a word out of the CDC-NIH-WHO-HHS-FDA are fools.

    1. There have never been any placebo groups in any vaccines. CDC was already exposed to this by expert questioning.

  3. Its ALL theatrics, folks. The CDC is the corporate marketing wing of Big Pharma. Any “study” they fund is shear propaganda. You no longer need an IQ above 50 to realize this.

  4. Not only do I no longer trust anything Fauci says, but I also don’t trust the CDC.. The whole thing has been politicized until I don’t know who to believe — so I don’t believe any of them..

  5. No one should ever trust the FDA, CDC big pharma or any media like abc, CBS, CNN , PBS news. They are all in with the new world order and destroying America. Thank God for Sharyl. Pray for America and these poison shots to be stopped!

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