CDC: Most Americans Have Covid-19 Antibodies

The following is an excerpt from Medscape.

About 95% of Americans ages 16 and older have coronavirus antibodies, according to CDC data from testing blood donor samples.

The percentage includes antibodies formed from both vaccinations and Covid-19 infections, with nearly 70% of people ages 16 and up having received at least one vaccine dose, the data shows.

As public health experts have tracked the effects of antibodies on coronavirus reinfection, they’ve noted a difference between people who have antibodies from vaccines and those who have them from being infected before.

Antibodies from vaccination tend to decline about 4 to 6 months after a shot, CNBC reported.

The data about antibodies from an earlier infection is uncertain, with protection lasting from a few months to more than a year after infection.

Even then, about one-third of people who contract Covid-19 may not develop antibodies at all, according to a CDC study published in September 2021.

The current 7-day average of new Covid-19 cases is hovering around 30,000, according to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University. (Continued)

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2 thoughts on “CDC: Most Americans Have Covid-19 Antibodies”

  1. “Beating a dead horse” (as nasty as it sounds) is the current status on COVID-19. What is of greater concern for many of the citizen research monkeys is how this CV ruse will end? Did we learn to trust the CDC, the FDA, the Govt, Media, Pharma? Did we learn how statistics are used and abused as profiteering schemes and are rolled out on a schedule? Did we learn how the DOJ works? Did we learn more about the manner in which drug companies avoid litigation? What a time, eh?

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