Is ‘green’ really clean?

Most everybody loves the idea of clean, green energy.

But there’s a dirty little secret behind renewables: they’re not as clean or green as you may think.

From the toxic production process to the question of disposing of toxic waste, solar, wind and battery power have a lot of baggage.

This week, Easter Sunday on Full Measure, we’ll replay my investigation on the topic. In case you missed it the first time, catch it this week and tell your friends!

We’ll also report on a push in Congress to delink the US from China and other foreign manufacturers when it comes to a critical component of so many of our devices and products: computer chips.

And Rep. Angus King will talk about little known efforts to protect the US infrastructure from a massive cyberattack that many people have been warning is on the horizon.

How and where to watch below!

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18 thoughts on “Is ‘green’ really clean?”

  1. There is more, After spending $40k on solar panels for my home I have now been informed by Duke energy that they will be charging me a customer charge, a regulatory assessment fee, a franchise fee, a municipal utility tax and I must have a 1 million dollar umbrella insurance liability! The politicians are also trying to remove any credits for electric that is returned to the grid. That stolen electricity would be sold to other utility customers. This is the price I pay for going ‘green; in Florida.

  2. “Clean”? Rhetorical question. But don’t worry. Looney leftys and Biden imbeciles will make energy from pixie dust. Problem solved. 934 days, 7 hours until the election. If we survive. America First.

  3. The energy generated from one windmill putting out it’s maximum possible kilowatts for it’s life expectancy won’t replace the energy used in manufacture, installation, and maintenance.

  4. “Green energy” is a misleading term invented by liberals to virtue-signal their conservative counterparts into thinking that they actually care about the environment, rather than just their narcissistic selves. The reason it’s called “green” is not because it’s good for the environment….The real reason it’s called “Green” is that it lines the liberals pockets with “green” while they build their intentionally useless towers of Babel. That’s really the only reason they came up with this, to deceive and cash in.

  5. All things on this planet Earth run on a cycle and they are fractal timeframes. This includes politics.
    I recommend, if you want to understand the nature of these predictable cycles you follow Martin Armstrong and his AI computer forecasts.

    1. Re: AI computer forecasts…
      Uh oh. So we rely on HAL 9000 to open the pod bay doors when we’re locked out of the earth ship?

  6. it was the same thing in Hybrids vs regular fuel vehicles. One university did a raw materials to recycle TOTAL pollution study of a Prius vs a Hummer. On just road use the hybrid won, but when you consider that hybrid has two engines and only 100,000+ before one or the other needs rebuild/replacement versus the Hummer which gets 300,000 or more (some as much as 500,000).

    The hybrid is made with rare earths that are mined with high pollution at the mines, shipped all over the place (more ‘carbon pollution’) for extraction and then creation of batteries, motors, etc. When it comes time to break them down and part them out the Hummer is just ordinary parts but once again the hybrids have exotic parts that are highly toxic and require special handling.

    In total cost of pollution PER MILE the Hummer won, totally and completely.

  7. Donta Cancella Mi

    I have never thought they were clean. Every “green” campaign I have heard is actually brown if you start to ask questions. Take recycling. Once you add the extra trash cans and consider what they are made of (usually some evil plastic in there) and the fact that now you have to use 2x as many plastic bags and that in many areas you have 2 dirty loud trucks to pick it up and you consider the processing that is required…it’s not so green. Not to mention that anything that is worth recycling is already recycled. How about plastic or paper? Pager was good enough cause of the poor trees. Plastic was going to be in the ground forever (even though we have plenty of landfill space). Now we have the reusables. They collect bacteria if not washed.

    Electric cars have batteries and use the same plastics and rubbers and other materials and products a gas car does. Where does the electricity come from? What happens to those batteries after use? How do we get the material to make them.

    It’s a wonder the Earth was able to survive so long without these nut jobs saviing it.

  8. Besides rare earth materials the Hybird/electric cars require more steel or Alm so as to support the batteries. Steel requires mining, smelting and processing. As the vehicles are heavier tires wear out quicker, more petroleum products are used also. Carrying a bit further higher need for rare earth materials thus in several countries that have more exotic materials, nickel is one that comes to mind, are stripping previously virgin rain forests to access those materials. Philippines are one example. There is more, IE all the materials to generate and transmit electracy to recharge the batteries,, but the above provides a deeper look into one item to question if electric cars might actually be more detrimental to our environment that conventical vehicles.

  9. Facts Sheryl facts. 1. Ethanol costs more and waste more energy then is saves. Its a huge boondoggle for the mid west Farmers and their DC lobby is very powerful.
    Did you know that Ethanol is changing the climate? Not the way you may think.
    Millions of acres of wheat and soy were plowed over for corn crops to make Ethanol. Corn unfortunately is a crop that produces massive amounts of moisture, that turns to clouds that turns to thunder that turns to storms that ravage the country and causes huge damage. Corn also causes large amounts of humidity.
    Ya check weather data for the past 15 years and the humidity has climbed everywhere making like outdoors and breathing difficult in the Summer months.
    Minnesota is just like Georgia now. Hot and humid.
    Ya lets credit Ethanol for climate change but the DC lobby wont discuss this and the pols whose money they get by the bucket ful will not discuss it either.

  10. Fact 2 Sheryl. Wind Vanes dont work on the coast! Hawaii had to scrap all their wind mills because the salt air rusted the towers so fast they were spending and waisting more energy sand blasting and re painting these towers then the energy they were producing.
    Fact 3. Solar is a good option for areas that have lots of sun. Pols like AOC run aroung thinking this is a solution for all of us what a no brainer. Ya my house is covered with snow on the roof for like 4 months or more so solar wont do a thing for me in the winter when my energy use is the highest. So the talk and idea of solor power is a joke for more then half the country.

  11. Jim Wiegand - Wildlife Biologist

    I can show you hundreds of fraudulent studies related to green energy impacts. Feel free to contact me. Once I show your their contrived studies and research tricks, it will forever change your opinion of this industry.

  12. It has been said that commercial windmills do not produce in their lifetimes as much energy as it takes to mine, produce, place, transmit, repair/ maintain and remove them. Without proof either way, I tend towards believing the statement.

  13. Jim Wiegand - Wildlife Biologist

    For an expert opinion about the dark side of wind energy, read this post.
    The thing about “Green” – They’re a lot like PAM

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