(POLL) Afghanistan’s failing economy taking Afghans with it

The following is an excerpt from Gallup.

Months after the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, the country’s economic prospects remain grim, with some estimates placing 97% of Afghans below the poverty line by mid-2022.

The latest Gallup data from Afghanistan offer a similarly bleak assessment, showing that Afghans surveyed as the Taliban took control in 2021 were almost universally struggling to get by on their household income.

Most were finding it difficult to afford food, and almost no one saw their local economy as getting better.

An estimated 95% of Afghans do not have enough to eat or enough money for food.

According to the World Food Programme, food prices in Afghanistan have risen by nearly 40% in the past eight months.

This situation is only likely to get worse as the effect of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ripples across global food markets.

Since the Taliban took over the country in August, the value of Afghan currency has declined precipitously, losing as much as 11% of its value against the U.S. dollar in a single day in December.

At the same time as the value of Afghans’ money has dropped, unemployment has surged, with an estimated 500,000 Afghans having lost their jobs since the Taliban retook power.

Without a sustained, large-scale humanitarian intervention, conditions for the Afghan people will continue to deteriorate.

Such an intervention appears unlikely to happen anytime soon, with billions of the former government’s assets still frozen. (Continued)

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2 thoughts on “(POLL) Afghanistan’s failing economy taking Afghans with it”

  1. Sharyl your Article Here ? This is the Reality of the past by most under educated World leaders who travel through life making mistakes with same past emotions based from Greed and not wanting to all work together in New 22 century economic World order, to give citizens around the World at least the New economic measures to survive and exist ? The Best current times example is your Article Here and what Vladimir Putin has done to Ukraine and His own people ? If World leaders would better grasp the knowledge that God created this World to be Fruitful and treat others as you would like to be treated in New World order economic times ? Vladimir Putin doesn’t have the education knowledge to understand that by using hate emotions he is taking on the sins of the World and just making all the things your talking about here worse for all people in the World ? Small minds needs to change in this World and pass New economic rights for all countries citizens the economic rights to exist and be able to be Fruitful to all people ? These New economic measures then will Trinkle money from the Bottom up thriving a better World economic times in Human rights to exist in a better thriving fruitful World .” let no temptations of precious metals or debt bound mankind to the slavery of time _ Wm. Andrews

    1. Your statement is another example of utopian fantasy peddled as policy. “New World Order” economies are nothing more than rule by the flawed elite who believe they are anointed by God–or are actually God-like–because they made more money and therefore much smarter than the deplorable masses. Utopian schemes always veer toward tyranny with murder and slavery the result. Any critical thinking and a casual familiarity with history would tell us this.

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