(POLL) Most Americans remain dissatisfied with direction of the US

Three-quarters of Americans, including majorities of all party groups, are dissatisfied with the nation’s direction.

This is according to Gallup.

Seventy-six percent (76%) of Americans say they are dissatisfied with the way things are currently going in the US, while 24% of Americans say they are satisfied.

The numbers are similar to February’s low satisfaction ratings of 21%. Overall satisfaction ratings have consistently been in this range since August of 2021.

The only exception to this was the even lower 17% satisfaction rating in January during a surge in Covid-19 cases due to the omicron variant.

The same poll also found President Joe Biden’s approval rating stuck in the low 40s, and economic concerns rising amid record-high gas prices and the highest inflation in four decades.

US satisfaction, which Gallup has tracked since 1979, has been as high as 71% in 1999 during the dot-com boom and as low as 7% in 2008 during the financial crisis.

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3 thoughts on “(POLL) Most Americans remain dissatisfied with direction of the US”

  1. Sharyl is amazing. I’m a professional statistician and Black Belt Six Sigma expert for a fortune 500 company. I followed all the covid data and I am certain the Fauci and his cohorts at NIH, CDC and other governmental agencies under his control lied and misled the American public on covid for their own support of Pfizer and related pharma companies. It was a concerted effort on the part of these bureaucrats to push all the money to Pfizer, Moderma etc.

    First of all they branded Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine as bad medicine so that they could get vaccines to be experimental. This was not honest and ended up killing approximately 200,000 americans because they could receive these treatments which were found by many doctors to keep approximately 1/2 the people who acquired covid out of the hospital and hence they would live. Fauci’s policies sent people into hospitals where they received no treatment and hence we saw many deaths, half of which could have been avoided, per Doctor McCullough and Dr Malone and American frontline doctors. Since Ivermectin and Hydrox. were banned then this allowed the US to wait for vaccines and strangely they were already ready to be deployed in experimental form.

    At the same time the VAERS system was discouraged from use so that adverse effects of vaccines would not be recorded and understood.

    The bottom line is that Fauci and his cohorts are criminals that must be removed from office and pharma must not be allowed to advertise on TV, Only the US and New Zealand allow pharma to advertise on TV. Pharma provides 75% of the advertising dollar to media. So follow the money and politicians like pharma to subsidize their campaign funds and keep them in office. This association with media, pharma, policiians and control of our medical system must be stopped and all these people must be removed from office and anyone associated with these people if America is to have reasonable health.

    Sharyl is doing an excellent job of exposing this plot/plan by the bureaucrats and politicians and media and pharma. You all know who the players are but society must gain an understanding of why these people are behaving in this way and what it is that motivates them to do the opposite of what their jobs are supposed to provide for the American public.

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