(POLL) Most say stricter gun control would not prevent mass shootings

A slim majority of the public, 51%, says stricter gun control laws would not likely prevent mass shootings.

That’s according to Rasmussen Reports.

The survey by Rasmussen Reports was done following the recent mass shooting on a New York Subway in which several dozen people were injured.

The criminal suspect allegedly had been accused of making “terroristic threats” in the past.

Thirty-eight percent (38%) of those who responded to the said they do think stricter gun control laws would help prevent such incidents.

Eleven percent (11%) said they were unsure.

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4 thoughts on “(POLL) Most say stricter gun control would not prevent mass shootings”

  1. Considering the other article posted at the Attkisson site today–re: Mexican Drug Cartels using drones to deliver the goods across the border–suffice to say, anyone possessed of common sense understands that as long as crime pays (and unemployment and usury rules the slave sector)then stricter gun laws are meaningless. When we have corrupted police or judges or politicians all on the take, stricter gun laws are not going to alter the crime rates in the streets. Trickle down…trickle down…doctor heal thyself.

  2. Almost all crimes committed with guns, are with Illegal Guns or crazy people – so the weapon isn’t the problem. The problem is with people who disrespect the law and processes. A Criminal will break the law and either steal, lie, cheat in order to obtain one. If you look at crime around the world, some of the most dangerous places either have the harshest gun control laws or no guns at all. Criminals will use what ever is at hand, a hammer, ax, knife, bomb, poison, a brick, baseball or cricket bat to complete their mission of lawlessness. The gun is a tool and in the right hands it is a “life saver”! In the wrong hands it is power to do wrong.

    Honest law abiding people don’t shoot each other. Criminals, gang members and insane people don’t fill out forms to buy a gun!

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