(POLL) Most voters say Biden is compromised by China ties

The following is an excerpt from Just the News.

Nearly two-third of U.S. voters think President Biden has been compromised by his and his families’ ties to China, according to new survey.

The survey from the Trafalgar Group, in conjunction with Convention of State Action, found over 50% of those polled said it is “very likely” that Biden is “conflicted/compromised when dealing with China due to the Biden family’s personal business dealings in China.”

About 11.5% of respondents said it’s “somewhat likely” Biden is compromised, and 36.4% said it is “unlikely.”

Mark Meckler, the president of Convention of States Action, says the poll numbers are an indication that members of the U.S. voter base “see through the smoke and mirrors.”

Reporting by news outlets including The Washington Post show that Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, negotiated at least one multi-million-dollar deal with a China company while Biden was vice president. (Continued)

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3 thoughts on “(POLL) Most voters say Biden is compromised by China ties”

  1. i said from the start of this democrat’s crap. that Biden and the dnc is controlled by China, Obama sold Biden and the dnc to China. all that they push helps China and hurts America. like open Borders, trying to get our guns, and when did the dnc say one word about holding China accountable for the virus??

  2. Within the last year or so a video clip was posted on social media of V.P. Joe Bribe’n, and he is answering a reporter’s question about China and the US’s economic relationship. VP Joe B said: “China owns us.” It struck me as disingenuous, and the usual political sleight of hand typical of career hacks; however, upon reflection I felt as if he was indeed telling us the truth: China owns the Biden crime family! “Us” was all about him and all the other sell-outs who have sold the USA down the Yangtze River. No–China doesn’t own We the People. And what is “China” exactly? As far as conspiracies and money laundering are concerned, China and the CCP are distinctly different topics. The evidence has been entered into the public’s discourse: Hunter is compromised, and so is his dad and his dad’s brother. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how money schemes work.

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