POLL: Trump supporters split on whether he should run in 2024

Supporters of Donald Trump are split on the question of whether he should run for president again in 2024.

That’s according to the latest unscientific poll of 2,559 people at SharylAttkisson.com.

Nearly 50% of those who responded said they are pro-Trump and he should run again.

About 46% said they are pro-Trump and he should not run again.

Among those who said they are anti-Trump, most say he should not run again.

Full results are below. Be sure to answer the newest poll at SharylAttkisson.com. Look for the black box on the right sidebar on your computer or scroll way down on your mobile device.

Do you want Trump to run for president in 2024?

50% I’m pro-Trump: Yes!

46% I’m pro-Trump: No!

1% I’m anti-Trump: Yes!

4% I’m anti-Trump: No!

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30 thoughts on “POLL: Trump supporters split on whether he should run in 2024”

    1. No, I am pro-Trump and don’t want him to run. I love him and the job he did as President, but he is too thin-skinned and the Twitter feed us unbearable! DeSantis2024!

      1. I’m with you! – The American people need someone like DeSantis who is more even keeled and could relate to all people. 2022 is the year of dismantling the fierce TRIBAL rhetoric. 2024 is the year to establish America as a sovereign, hemogenic, and rational country.

        Of course, Trump should be a liaison for change.

    2. I don’t think it’s flawed. I’d like him to help somebody else— like Nikki Haley — who won’t split the country in half.

    3. DeSantis or Haley 2024! Poll not flawed just because it doesn’t fit your narrative. GOP members can think this through and conclude the benefits of Trump stepping aside.

    4. Anyone who believes DeSantis or Haley (lunatic) won’t summon all of DC’s demons (even the terrible R’s) is crazy. The DC expert class must be demolished, and whomever attacks them will receive everything Trump has. Because you’re all weak, you’ll want to “move on” from DeSantis (or Air Head Haley) when they attack back. You sell out when the heat comes. That is a defect in your character, and it makes you a thin-skinned narcissist.

      1. Interested in the constitutional convention which could cut agencies right and left. Return to US Marshals and remove FBI, DEA, CIA, and paper pushers in DC.

      2. The only thin-skinned narcissist is Trump! You are weak minded to think otherwise. See, even I can hide behind these messages and call you names!

  1. The people who voted no, are those people who never wanted him to win back in 2016, but voted for him anyway, because the alternative was Clinton. These are more of the, “Holy than Thou”, conservative types, & even some RINOS. TRUMP 2024!!!

    1. Not so. I voted for him and supported him, but I definitely don’t want him to run again. I want someone who has the same policies and boldness, but also the savvy, skills, and personality to actually get things done instead of staying embroiled in one circus after another.

      Trump did the nation a great service by exposing the rotten corruption of FedGov and taking on the media. Now hs should step aside and let someone take the reins who can actually make lasting change.

    2. No so. I love Trump. Best president in my lifetime and I’m an old man. I don’t want him to run because no one has destroyed the cabal the sent all those years seeking to destroy him. Sadly, nothing changed. Republicans like Ryan, McConnell, Sasse, Romney, Cramer have blocked his agenda and did nothing to fight for him. I don’t want 4 more years of that. If I believed Trump had a chance, not to win, but advance his agenda I’d vote for him in a heartbeat.

  2. I believe that only President Trump can fix all that is broken here. Not because he was not the nicest guy. Not because he said some things that made us cringe. Not because we even wanted him to win in the first place. He has proven to the The American people like no other President that he could make this country great. That is exactly what he did. The solid proof is on Mike Lindel’s site Frank Speech. Did you watch it Sheryl??? This man loves America and tells us it is our Country. People go crazy for him. Did you ever watch his Rallies. They are much bigger than you 2500.00 people in your poll. How many people would even bother doing this again after what the democratic elites did to him. Did you talk about no Russian Collusion. Did you talk about Trump’s lawsuit against Hillary. Hillary win this election
    Patty Redemeyer

  3. He should compete in the primaries and let the best person win. My only fear that Trump will again bring out the worst in our institutions and he will not be allowed to win, again.

  4. A lot of people are having trouble with his stance on the COVID vaccine and its rush to approval.
    The results are coming in from various health agencies, etc. and the outcome is likely a historical error.
    That said, there are those who have indicated that Trump was not pushing the VAXX and the approach taken was what had to be done given the regulatory capture and corruption of health organizations.
    People suggest he should have fought the swamp harder.

  5. Trump will be almost as old as Biden is now, by the time he would be inaugurated. He was fooled by Pentagon lies when he was in office the first time. He was fooled into hiring just another swamp creature as FBI director. I would much rather have him as president than any Democrat, but I think we need someone younger. Desantis is my pick.

  6. The current state of our disinformed Union is significant insofar that all elections are suspect. Thus–it’s really not about Dems vs Reps or Red vs Blue or even about Trump running again. What is the fact is that we have seen enough credible evidence to indicate that the 2020 election was interfered with; and the recent revelations(suppressed by all those intel officer traitors) re Hunter’s laptop indicate that not only did the HRC/DNC group commit a crime, but also senior members of the CCP had an interest in seeing Trump lose. Obviously, there is a CCP-puppet in residence who serves the interests of the CCP and other criminal interests. Are American citizens going to choose to live in a bubble of denial and pretend we can expect honest elections and justice in the near future? Or are we going to see more extreme and necessary actions with regard to jurisprudence and appropriate indictments and jail time for the traitors involved with capitol crimes?

  7. I loved President Trump—what he accomplished in the face of all the headwinds he faced was truly amazing. Unfortunately his narcissism which is as much a part of him as his skin prevented him from doing what he should have done in December, after the election was certified and that was to . recognize that although a BATTLE (the 2020 election) had been lost the WAR was still to be won and rallied the troops to re-group and put everything he had behind the election of the 2 senators in Georgia. .Begin a campaign to rectify how the election had been rigged (not stolen) and prepare for the 2022 mid-terms and then the 2024 election.
    We must find a way to get the truth out..
    Perhaps a weekly report on television and on social media with facts about where the democrats policies are leading us paid for by the republican party would help.
    .Because he cannot shed his narcissism ,if elected he would be unable to govern and I cannot support his nomination. If he is the candidate, I will vote for him since I cannot imagine an acceptable democratic candidate

  8. Kenneth Garrett

    I voted for him twice & now am ready for a new leader to emerge. The GOP unlike the democrats have new voices that should be heard & new ideas that should be considered. At the end our former President revealed he is unwilling to listen to sound & reasonable counsel by refusing to intercede on the 1/6 protest. This was my red line.

  9. Stephen Triesch


    I voted for Trump in 2020, but he will be getting pretty old by 2024 and has all that extra baggage with the Tweets and the insults. DeSantis is a fighter but without the Trump baggage, but of course he will be demonized just like Trump. The Republican nominee is ALWAYS demonized by the Dems and the MSM. As for Tulsi Gabbard, she is intelligent, fairly centrist, articulate, (very) attractive, and a veteran. She would appeal to the suburban women who didn’t like Trump.

  10. I’m pro Trump and contributed several hundred bucks to his campaign but would not approval of his running again.
    Reason: To thin skinned for DC politics, spent more energy fighting and tit-for-tat remarks. Like Harry Truman said, “if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen”. I want a fighter for sure but not a fighter who wants to fight everyone who mouths off to him. Stay out of the kitchen is my suggestion. GOP needs a skilled chef.

  11. I think he should run. But, I think he needs to identify his own flaws (remember, he picked his support group for the 2016 and most of them were bad for his administration).
    Answer how will he handle the corrupt MSM in the future?
    What are his ten biggest goals for the US?
    Stop using executive orders – make laws that cannot be erased by the next Democrat party occupant, but must overturned by congress.
    Seek help from the few real heroes fighting for the US in congress.

  12. I think that Donald Trump should be given the opportunity to finish what he was not allowed to accomplish… He should have as VP, DeSantis
    Once this country realises that a majority in both house and Senate with a Conservative minded president and administration… We will set unbelievable accomplishments for ourselves, as American citizens, and the country itself, for the next 20 to 50 years.
    Something else, as a new twist… To think about:
    Pompeo with Kristi Noem as VP
    And just to make interesting,,,,Manchin with Tulsi Gabbard……Be Well

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