Air Force officer faces court-martial over religious objection to Covid-19 vaccine mandate

The following is an excerpt from Just The News.

An Air Force officer is facing a trial by court-martial for refusing a Covid-19 vaccination after both his request for a religious exemption from the military vaccine mandate and his appeal were denied.

The Air Force served Master Sergeant Vincent White an “Article 15” non-judicial punishment on Wednesday, which is the most severe military punishment below a court-martial. If an airman accepts the Article 15 punishment, then the Air Force could immediately take away his rank or pay, or assign him extra duty.

However, an airman can instead decline to accept the punishment and request a trial by court-martial instead, which is what White has chosen. The Air Force then will have to either go to trial or rescind the Article 15 punishment.

After being ordered to receive the Covid vaccine, White, who is a Christian, submitted a religious accommodation request (RAR) for an exemption from the vaccine mandate. The request was denied. (Continued)

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3 thoughts on “Air Force officer faces court-martial over religious objection to Covid-19 vaccine mandate”

  1. THIS IS A TRAVESTY! If this is how the military treats our men and women in service to upholding and protecting the tenets of the US Constitution–then obviously something is rotten to the core in our military leadership. Or is it just a fact that the CCP now controls the traitors in military leadership positions?

  2. When the bombs are dropping on the houses of those who used this religious argument, they will appreciate the protection provided by soldiers who took the shot and did their duty.

  3. This is the easiest case in the world. Everyone BELIEVES what has never been proven. And there are several things here that have never been proven and some that will never be proven. Will the air force be able to prove that CV-19 is contagious and causes illness? NO! There is no such valid study. All “studies” are about infection and based on the invalid PCR test. There is no controlled study that the CV-19 is contagious nor that it causes any illness. All this has ALWAYS been assumed. What is worse, the so called vaccine isn’t even a vaccine by definition, and no one on this planet can prove that it is a vaccine. EVEN WORSE …. no vaccine has ever been proven to work. AND EVEN WORSE THAN THAT …. all so called vaccines have detrimental side effects and the side effects of the mRNA are horrific.

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