(READ) ‘Defeat the Mandates’ declares victory over Fauci & govt. vaccine mandates

The following information is from “Defeat the Mandates,” a large group of people who are against forced vaccination and mandates.


Defeat the Mandates Declares Victory

On ABC’s This Week, Fauci states: Each individual is going to have to make their calculation of the amount of risk that they want to take. 

LOS ANGELES, CA, APRIL 11, 2022 – Following an intensive six-month campaign to pressure lawmakers and government agencies to drop government COVID mandates, this morning on ABC’s This Week, Dr. Anthony Fauci complied. 

Yesterday in Grand Park, Los Angeles, more than 25,000 Los Angeles residents rallied to demand that national and California lawmakers drop the mandates.

The Defeat the Mandates Campaign issued the following statement:

This is a victory for all Americans – from truckers to firefighters, doctors, nurses, military, educators, law enforcement, labor, artists, federal workers, schoolteachers, and millions of Americans who have taken a stand for freedom and smart science. 

Now is the time for state legislatures to follow the lead of the President’s top medical advisor and drop any state legislation that pushes for mandates and forced vaccinations of our children and ourselves.

Damaging, outstanding legislation California includes the following bills:

  • SB 871 – would require all children 0-17 to get the COVID -19 vaccine to attend childcare or school potentially without FDA approval. That bill also takes away any personal or religious belief exemptions,
  • SB 866 – would allow kids 12-17 to get the COVID-19 vaccine without parental consent, 
  • SB 1464 – would force law enforcement officials to enforce public health orders, 
  • AB 2098 – would reclassify the sharing of COVID-19 “misinformation” by doctors and surgeons as unprofessional conduct that would result in disciplinary actions; and 
  • AB 1993 – would require all CA employers to require the COVID-19 Vaccine to work in the state, including independent contractors. And big penalties for companies who do not enforce it. 

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4 thoughts on “(READ) ‘Defeat the Mandates’ declares victory over Fauci & govt. vaccine mandates”

  1. I am continually astonished at how often Fauci can flip flop around and utterly dismayed that such a man has been at the helm through covid. Personally, I feel he should have been removed from office long ago and certainly when his funding of wuhan lab resarch was discovered and he flip flopped his way from natural virus to possibly lab_created. If not then, certainly his financial investments in the Covid injections should have been clear conflict of interest reason. Now he says we Americans should all assess our own risk, after two years of forcing lockdowns, mask mandates and quarantines while limiting treatment options and completely controlling the official narrative.

  2. Sorry, it’s too soon to declare victory. They are making noises again about restrictions, so vigilance is still the order of the day.

  3. Agree that it is too soon to declare victory. Besides government mandates, many colleges and universities are continuing their mandates – any student setting foot on campus must be vaccinated. There is no sign of them stopping for the next academic year, so that means an entire new class of freshmen around the country will be forced to vaccinate in order to attend in person classes this fall.

    I am not aware of any efforts underway to stop universities from continuing these mandates, even though as Dr. Ryan Cole and others point out the vaccines are “expired” (designed for the original variant, while we are now several variants beyond that), ineffective at reducing spread or hospitalization, and carry health risks including suppression of the immune system. I would like to know about any efforts if they exist to stop these university mandates.

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