(READ) Disney stripped of its self-governing status in the sunshine state

The following is an excerpt from Just The News.

The Florida House voted Thursday to strip Walt Disney World of its private government status, a victory for GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis who has battled with the entertainment conglomerate over gender-curriculum issues in public schools.

Disney has opposed a recently passed bill that bans the instruction of sexual orientation and gender identity in classrooms for grades K-3. 

The move will likely carry enormous tax implications for Disney, which employs roughly 70,000 Floridians across its tremendously popular theme parks in Orlando.

The bill passed by a vote of 70-38, a day after the state Senate approved it 23-16. DeSantis is expected to swiftly sign the bill, approved during a special session for which he called. 

The special tax district that, according to the bill, will come to an end in 2023 has allowed the Walt Disney Co. to govern the land that houses its theme parks.

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3 thoughts on “(READ) Disney stripped of its self-governing status in the sunshine state”

  1. Common sense tells me that if Disney has been operating as a special entity with its own governmental powers and infrastructure, it has not been paying property taxes to either the counties where it is located or the state of FL. So why am I not hearing if this is the case — and if it is, why am I hearing how taxpayers in the area will have to pick up the tab for millions in new expenses for Disney?

  2. This is a victory in the battle for the soul of Florida.The Govenor just represents the great majority of reasonable people,unlike many politicians, who follow the loud leftists in lock step,against most of the population. We have one of the finest Govenors in the nation.

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