‘The People’s Convoy’ converges with ‘Defeat The Mandates’ in Los Angeles

“The People’s Convoy,” a group of semi-truck drivers that rallied throughout the country to protest Covid-19 regulations and vaccine mandates, is set to roll into Los Angeles this weekend to attend the “Defeat The Mandates Coast-to-Coast” rally.

The convoy of close to 100 trucks originating from San Bernardino County, California in February drove cross-country to Washington, D.C., as a protest to vaccine mandates an other pandemic-related regulations.

Convoy co-organizer Brian Brase is slated to be one of the keynote speakers at the Los Angeles rally on Sunday. Brase will be joined by his co-organizer, Mike Landis, along with the rest of the truckers who will park several of their trucks at Grand Park.

Landis said that The Defeat the Mandates mission “directly aligns with what the People’s Convoy stands for and is fighting against.”

The Defeat the Mandates Coast-to-Coast rally will be the second of its kind following the January 23 Washington, D.C. march which was attended by tens of thousands.

The main goal of the Defeat the Mandates organization is to end Covid-19 mandates across the US.

Their objectives, as detailed on their website, are listed below.

  • No to vaccine mandates   
  • No to vaccine passports 
  • No to forcing Covid-19 vaccinations on children   
  • No to censorship  
  • Yes, to informed consent    
  • Yes, to natural immunity   
  • Yes, to doctors and patients making decisions without interference

While many Covid restrictions have been lifted over the last few months throughout the country, several Covid-19 vaccine mandates still remain in many US schools, colleges, businesses, hospitals, and corporations.

That’s despite the fact that the vaccines have proven ineffective at preventing infection and spread of Covid, and they are associated with numerous potentially severe and/or deadly side effects.

California is one of the most restrictive states regarding Covid regulations. Currently, there are nearly a dozen pieces of restrictive legislation on the verge of passing in the state legislature.

Some of the bills include the following proposed regulations:

  • Mandating vaccines on ALL California employees, independent contractors and employers
  • Ending parental consent to vaccinate children ages 12-17
  • Mandating vaccines on ALL students preschool through grade 12

Below is a full list of all the California bills being opposed:

The day-long rally kick offs at 12 noon pacific time on Sunday April 10 in Grand Park and will feature speeches, comedy, community, food and live music.

Scheduled speakers and organizations include: Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Paul Alexander, Steve Kirsch, Robert Kennedy, Jr., Mikki Willis of Plandemic, Del Bigtree, Firefighters4FreedomOperation Freedom of Choice, and many others.

Sponsoring partners for this event include: California-based Unity ProjectChildren’s Health DefenseFront-line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance FLCCCVaccine Safety Research FoundationICANWorld Council for Health and PERK

For more information visit: Defeat The Mandates website

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3 thoughts on “‘The People’s Convoy’ converges with ‘Defeat The Mandates’ in Los Angeles”

  1. Since they can’t comprehend and don’t care about it, all these whiners should be gathered in one area and infected with the Delta strain of covid. OR they should spent a week in Mariupol Ukraine to learn about oppression and tyranny. MAGA!!!

  2. I was wondering what Malone et al would do after covid ran out of steam.. he’s hanging out with the “truckers” and has some gig to indict Fauci with a fake grand jury. Please send him money.
    I’m curious how these people will react to other mRNA medicines.

  3. There is something that I wonder if you can investigate. There is something going on with the People’s Convoy in Banning CA. There has been no livestreaming today, following the Defeat the Mandates Rally. The only one I found anywhere is GWT333 and he is leaving the Convoy to go make some money. Not a word about what is happening with the People’s Convoy.

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