Rep. Matt Gaetz: strip security clearances from intel officials who falsely claimed contents of Hunter Biden laptop was ‘Russian disinformation’

The following information was released from Rep. Gaetz’s office.

U.S. Congressman Matt Gaetz (Florida-01) has introduced the “Spook Who Cried Wolf Resolution,” a House Resolution to indefinitely bar security clearances for 51 intelligence officials who publicly signed a letter decrying the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop as Russian disinformation.

On October 19, 2020, 51 former intelligence officials signed a letter titled, “Public Statement on the Hunter Biden Emails,” which claimed Hunter Biden’s emails were a part of a “Russian information operation.”

Following the censorship of the New York Post’s exposé on the emails by Big Tech and media tycoons, the New York Times confirmed the legitimacy of the emails on March 17.

As of March 22, 4 of the 51 signatories maintained their support for the erroneous letter.

The Spook Who Cried Wolf Resolution is co-sponsored by U.S Representatives Andy Biggs (Arizona-05), Dan Bishop (North Carolina-09), Louie Gohmert (Texas-01), Paul Gosar (Arizona-04), Marjorie Taylor Greene (Georgia-14), and Thomas Massie (Kentucky-04).

Text of the full resolution can be found here.

The following individuals signed the October 19 letter smearing Hunter Biden’s laptop as Russian disinformation:

  1. Jim Clapper 
  2. Mike Hayden 
  3. Leon Panetta 
  4. John Brennan
  5. Thomas Finger 
  6. Rick Ledgett 
  7. John McLaughlin
  8. Michael Morell 
  9. Mike Vickers
  10. Doug Wise 
  11. Nick Rasmussen
  12. Russ Travers
  13. Andy Liepman 
  14. John Moseman
  15. Larry Pfeiffer 
  16. Jeremy Bash 
  17. Rodney Snyder 
  18. Glenn Gerstell 
  19. David B. Buckley
  20. Nada Bakos 
  21. Patty Brandmaier 
  22. James B. Bruce
  23. David Cariens 
  24. Janice Cariens 
  25. Paul Kolbe 
  26. Peter Corsell 
  27. Brett Davis 
  28. Roger Zane George
  29. Steven L. Hall 
  30. Kent Harrington
  31. Don Hepburn 
  32. Timothy D. Kilbourn
  33. Ron Marks
  34. Jonna Hiestand Mendez 
  35. Emile Nakhleh
  36. Gerald A. O’Shea 
  37. David Priess 
  38. Pam Purcilly 
  39. Marc Polymeropoulos
  40. Chris Savos
  41. Nick Shapiro
  42. John Sipher
  43. Stephen Slick 
  44. Cynthia Strand 
  45. Greg Tarbell
  46. David Terry
  47. Greg Treverton
  48. John Tullius 
  49. David A. Vanell 
  50. Winston Wiley 
  51. Kristin Wood

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8 thoughts on “Rep. Matt Gaetz: strip security clearances from intel officials who falsely claimed contents of Hunter Biden laptop was ‘Russian disinformation’”

  1. Albert A Petrlik

    The individuals signing that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation should have all of their security clearances removed!

  2. Strip them of their security clearances should only be a start.

    They need to be prosecuted for election tampering and conspiracy to tamper with elections, along with Zuckerberg and the CEO’s of most of the media outlets.

    Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech doesn’t include conspiracy to commit crimes.

  3. I wonder how often agencies and companies interfere with honest public discourse WITHOUT revealing their affiliation? I wonder if a law could be passed that would require that companies and government agencies be required to file something or make some record when they engage in surreptitious attempts to influence public discourse.

    I’m brainstorming. Perhaps such a law could be passed that would require companies or government officials to file paperwork when they do this and use government or company money to do this surreptitiously. Maybe others can see the need for such a law, maybe something a little different than what I’m brainstorming will work even better.

    For every story like this that makes the news and is done out in the open, how many other occasions happen where government or company money might be used to influence public opinion. I’m not sure requiring a public record for all hidden corporate and government behavior could be implemented, but maybe at least requiring a record will cut down on egregious behavior. Requiring a record be kept of all these instances might cut down on things like government and companies perhaps creating false social media accounts.

    Are there instances where government people use their power to harass people online into silence, or just try and create frustration with idiotic comments or somehow or other do things that support their agency? I’m a little more concerned with intelligence agencies misusing their power, because they have developed a skill-set that they have honed to deploy against foreign agencies. And without sufficient over-sight such agencies (or maybe rather the people in them) will face temptations to use their skills in manipulating foreign public opinion to manipulating domestic public opinion.

    Remember Chuck Schumer made a remark where he said that it was really “stupid” for Trump to take on the intelligence agencies. Chuck Schumer might then be in a position to lay out in what ways intelligence agencies can better serve the American people. But It will require courage.

    In short, while giving some light on the things the CIA does openly is commendable, doing oversight that helps keep the intelligence agencies performing at the highest level of their moral and whatnot potential for many people is also a great responsibility. Troubling in this regard, beyond the political ramifications of the comments some CIA officials shared about Hunter Biden’s laptop is the fact that these people got the story entirely wrong. Though it appears intentional it is also against what I might consider the core value of the CIA to be. And wouldn’t that be to gather and share ACTUAL intelligence?

    Some actions on the world and national stage may be seen by people as win-lose. There is also win-win and I like to see co-operative arrangements too, not just country against country or party against party.

    But I would think the core CIA mission might be to gain actual information rather than promote stories that only appeal to some partisan objective. Maybe since there is a conflict between gaining actual information and sowing disinformation, the agency needs to be split into two, if it is deemed important for the US to have an agency that does dirty work. The same people that are skilled at sowing disinformation and creating controversy might not have the sharpest mind when it comes to learning things. The signatories to the paper have failed to gather real intelligence and instead appear to have been in sowing false information mode. Maybe they just didn’t realize what they were doing. And I’m not sure that warrants them having continued employment in a field that requires them providing “intelligence” to the American people and its leaders in particular. The CIA did a great job in arming the Mujahadeen and participating in some coups around the world. But this has reportedly been spun off a bit to other entities like the National Endowment for Democracy. But they got the weapons of mass-destruction wrong when it came to Iraq. It wasn’t even tempered with doubt. It was “a slam dunk.”

    On the other hand they get some things right sometimes. I’m not an expert on the CIA and I don’t really want to be. They might be necessary. But I hope and maybe I’ll pray they can stop making so many embarrassing mistakes.

  4. GEORGE fate Eady


  5. When will more infromation about Carter Page come out. I read his book and watched your interview. There is so much to “hit the fan”, a lot of us may not live long enough, but all this had better not be “swept under the rug”.

  6. The trouble began when the Dulles brothers and Prescott Bush (who all embraced fascist ideology) stealthily created the agency that operated outside of constitutional authority with impunity. Unfortunately, JFK’s famous statement about ending the CIA has been forgotten by many American citizens. It is a known fact that press releases(and in today’s parlance: “the narrative”) is directly influenced by the mechanism we know as the “Military Industrial Complex ” (Eisenhower’s warning to US citizens), Wall St, and the “CIA Assets” who are positioned within the legacy media framework. Major General Smedley Butler wrote his thesis(War is a Racket, 1935) on the military program that ensured that US ‘corporate interests’ were served and protected in foreign lands. What we are witnessing is nothing short of Orwell’s prophetic warning re “thought crime”, and the idea that fake fact checkers are now considered as the Ministry of Truth. The real “thought crimes” are perpetrated by liars for hire who serve their masters(stakeholders) while ignoring the tenets of the US Constitution. When citizens remain ignorant of history- this is an invitation to all the foxes to guard the henhouse. In my purview, the so-called ‘Legacy Media’ is dead and serves as a distraction medium and mind-numbing entertainment for a sleeping citizenry. It’s time to wake up.

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