Mass Public School Exodus; Ukraine in US Politics; Drones in Israel

There’s been a mass exodus from America’s public schools systems.

When schools opened back up again after lengthy Covid shutdowns, not all the children came back. Parents who’d never considered home schooling gave it a try and found they were good at it– maybe even better at educating their own kids than the public school system. Other families moved their children to charter schools or religious and other private schools.

Loudoun Co. parents kept their two sons out of public school after Covid shutdowns and are continuing to home school

Sunday on Full Measure, we investigate this trend and what it means for public schools and all the students, whether they remain in the school system or do their learning elsewhere.

The parents of 4-year old Carter Mackes say they’ve already decided to home school

We’ll also talk to military historian Victor Davis Hanson about Ukraine’s longstanding involvement in US politics and us– in theirs.

Military Historian Victor Davis Hanson

From President Trump’s first impeachment to Hunter Biden’s multi-million dollar job to the Ukrainian operative who worked with the Democratic National Committee to stoke the false Trump-Russia narrative, it’s all made for a complicated relationship.

And Scott Thuman takes us to Israel to see the high tech tactics being deployed by an elite, secretive military unit.

See you Sunday!

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2 thoughts on “Mass Public School Exodus; Ukraine in US Politics; Drones in Israel”

  1. Speaking of the American left’s reaction to the war in the Ukraine, it has occurred to me that for the left Putin and the Russians have become symbolic representations of Trump and his supporters.

    For the past six years, with very little evidence – and with much contrary evidence – the left portrayed Trump as “Putin’s puppet” and as an active “Russian agent.” The same accusation was often directed at anyone who strayed from leftist orthodoxy on any number of issues, even seemingly unrelated issues like vaccine mandates.

    Now that Putin has made his tragic and deadly decision to attack the Ukraine, the response of the left has been a show of Ukrainian patriotism that they have never been able to muster for our own evil, systemically racist, patriarchal, homophobic, Islamophobic country. A perennially corrupt Ukraine has now become the shining City on the Hill, and any reference to its shortcomings, or any hesitation about risking all-out war with Russia, is described as – of all things – “treasonous”!

    But how can it be “treasonous” to ask questions about a war that we are not even directly involved in? Only if the enemy in that war – Putin and Russia – can be equated with the left’s own “domestic terrorists” – Trump and his supporters. So, Putin is Trump, and his soldiers are like the Trump supporters who rioted on January 6th. There is no difference between the two.

    In recent days, some in the MSM have been making this analogy openly and have suggested that Putin’s alleged “admirers” in the US will be inspired by his actions to engage in acts of domestic terrorism here at home. There seems to be a link between the obsessive hatred of Trump and an uncritical attitude towards the Ukraine and a permanent desire for war. Jennifer Rubin and Adam Kinzinger come to mind, along with many others, both leftists and never-Trump neo-cons. For the neo-cons, happy days are here again: we have a brand-new war, something that Trump deprived us of for four long years.

  2. ( Speed Bump ? )After the World declares Vladimir Putin a war criminal and China restructures economic business in Russia for having to help restore the Rubal. Then when Vladimir Putin is apprehended traveling outside of Russia to his Black Sea castle, instead of the World confining him to a Prison for the test of his life I’d like to see Vladimir Putin sentesence the rest of his life to driving a Cab in Johanesburge , Africa as a Cab driver playing corny music all day inside of cab rides ? The new Ting and Yang of life ? Wax on Wax off ?

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