Survey: More doctors than anticipated are ‘vaccine hesitant’

The following is an excerpt from MedPage Today.

Levels of vaccine hesitancy among physicians may be higher than expected, with 1 in 10 primary care doctors not believing that vaccines are safe, according to a new survey.

Among 625 physicians, 10.1% did not agree that vaccines were safe; 9.3% did not agree that vaccines were effective; and 8.3% did not agree that they were important, Timothy Callaghan, PhD, of Texas A&M School of Public Health in College Station, and colleagues reported online in Vaccine.

Callaghan and colleagues conducted their survey from May 14 to May 25, 2021 among 625 physicians in family medicine, internal medicine, or general practice. They were asked how strongly they agreed with questions about safety, effectiveness, and importance of vaccines, among other factors.

Only 67.4% strongly agreed that vaccines are safe, just 75% strongly agreed they are effective, and only 76% strongly agreed they’re important, the researchers found.

Indeed, the research project was inspired by Callaghan’s own experience with one of his doctors who was not vaccinated and tried to dissuade Callaghan from Covid vaccination.

“It wasn’t my primary care physician, but another one of my doctors realized that I studied issues related to vaccine hesitancy, and over the course of multiple visits, tried to convince me that Covid-19 vaccines weren’t safe and weren’t worth it,” Callaghan said. “It made me question whether this was a one-off, or if we have an actual issue on our hands.” (Continued)

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3 thoughts on “Survey: More doctors than anticipated are ‘vaccine hesitant’”

  1. It would be interesting to conduct a similar survey now, since this one is almost a year old. In the meantime much more has been revealed about the waning effectiveness of vaccines especially with Omicron, and adverse effects. Are there more doctors now ‘vaccine hesitant’ than last year?

    I noticed the concluding point of the article was a push to convince these doctors to change their minds and become vaccine advocates. How many (anonymously) have gone the other way instead? Perhaps that is why we don’t have news about more recent surveys with doctors.

  2. this is not my name

    “Only” 75-76%????
    At any rate this survey means little in this fight unless it is specific to COVID “vaccines”.

  3. David N Polister

    One issue not addressed, is this was MRNA and not technically a vaccine. It was an experimental trial and had many side effects. Many might suffer from non-HIV AIDS because of it from some soureces I’ve read.

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