The Big Chill: Smearing Dr. Bhattacharya and Other Scientists in the Name of Science (Podcast)

The outrageous story of how reputable scientists who were off the government narrative were slandered, censored, and smeared — even though many of them proved to be far more correct than public health experts in their predictions, and more on target in terms of their advice.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya is a medical doctor and professor at the Stanford School of Medicine, and has a PhD in economics.

Listen here

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9 thoughts on “The Big Chill: Smearing Dr. Bhattacharya and Other Scientists in the Name of Science (Podcast)”

  1. Sharyl, Would you PLEASE transcribe or provide summaries of these blogs or podcasts! I DO NOT WATCH VIDEOS! I do not have the time to sit around and WAIT through all of the blah, blah, blah.
    Also, for what it is worth, audio and video presentations are the NUMBER WAY TO BRAINWASH someone! I am not saying that you are brainwashing, but I just don’t set myself up to get “hooked” on watching videos or audios.

    Thank you.

    1. I would like to have transcriptions to quote and share as it’s hard to get people to watch videos for the reasons you state. Sharyl nails it if she would just help us reference and share it.

  2. While Dr. Bhattacharya’s condemnation of the coordinated propaganda and character assassination campaigns, which were deployed against him and many well-intentioned, credentialed professionals, is praise worthy; and while his understanding that those activities among other deceptive practices will deservedly increase the public’s mistrust of health professionals and agencies and increase vaccine skepticism overall is on target; he is involved with his own propaganda campaign by: touting the safety and efficacy of vaccines in general; by labeling what is not a vaccine in the traditional sense at all but a gene therapy bioweapon as a “vaccine”; by falsely representing the efficacy of this bioweapon for any age group or demographic and not elucidating the fraud and manipulation that was inherent in the so-called “trials”; by totally excluding information as to why so many older folks died, which had nothing to do with “Covid”; by promoting the false narrative that there was actually a pandemic (since it never qualified for such a classification based on health agencies’ own internal criteria); and by maintaining that death was caused by a virus that has never been shown to physically exist and is rather the creation of in silico modeling.

    Basically, every statement coming forth from the official health institutions around the world with almost no exceptions, were scripted lies. So what was the real agenda behind this Scamdemic!

    It is not just the public health institutions that need a cleansing. The cleansing also needs to include the entire allopathic infrastructure and the corrupt political, intelligence and pharma industry’s underpinnings that enable its destructive behaviors. This cleansing will only take place with each individual’s decision not to support their own demise.

  3. SHARYL ATTKISSON- re: above comment- I enjoy and appreciate your writing style, and also enjoy your on-cam video interviewing style. Of the two, I prefer reading rather than watching videos; and by that 21st-century measure, I am anachronistic. That said, I too appreciate it when I can read a transcription of an interview. Re: Dr Dr. Bhattacharya (and a host of other whistleblowers), I appreciated your detailed recap(in “SLANTED”) of the slanted narratives we have endured over the last ten years or more. ‘The SMEAR’ could be the follow-up volume IMO.

  4. Thank you, Sharyl. This is the first time I’ve heard anyone succinctly explain the individual problems with FDA, CDC, and NIH and give suggestions for fixing each. I don’t know that grassroots action will be able to push change, though–at least in the near future. Legislators, like doctors/scientists, worry about alienating Pharma donors and attracting negative media propaganda (as you’ve covered in the past). Not enough have the courage of Ron Johnson and Thomas Massie–at least at this time. I hope I’m wrong and something changes before the next “pandemic.”

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