16 national healthcare organizations: ‘Continue public health emergency’

The following is an excerpt from Becker’s Hospital Review.

The American Hospital Association and 15 other national healthcare organizations are calling on HHS to maintain the Covid-19 public health emergency.

In a May 10 letter to HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, the organizations cited the continued risk from Covid-19 variants, as well as rising case rates in the U.S.

“Advancements in surveillance have observed rapid variant mutations and while public health experts acknowledge that current variants are not leading to excessive hospitalizations at this time, they also assert that new variants absolutely could,” the letter said. “We need to be ready should a future variant elude the protection of our current vaccines and ensure that the healthcare system is prepared as we head into this fall’s flu season.”

The letter comes about a month after HHS said it was renewing the public health emergency to July 15.

To view the full letter, click here

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4 thoughts on “16 national healthcare organizations: ‘Continue public health emergency’”

  1. Of course the money they’ve been getting from the federal government during this emergency has nothing to do with it.

  2. This recommendation is based on pure speculation – that future variants “could” cause healthcare conditions to worsen. Is there any scientific or medical evidence to back this up at all? All past history and evidence indicate the opposite; this virus is following the normal trajectory of becoming more contagious and less deadly. The falling hospitalization and death numbers back this up.

    Without any evidence that future variants have at least some probability of having a trend completely the opposite of all other viruses in history, the logical conclusion is that this continuation is based on political and monetary factors rather than any medical science. The fact that this can be done with no oversight or opportunity for citizens to weigh in is an indication that our system is broken. We are ruled by unaccountable technocrats now, and the negative impacts are real including further harm from vaccinations and future lockdowns.

  3. this is horrible. we’ll keep on fighting and won’t comply, but we seem to be heading for a cold, hard winter :-((

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