After Hours: Alzheimer’s Drug Update & San Francisco’s Open-Air Drug Market (Podcast)

An update on our coverage of the Alzheimer’s drug Aduhelm. And a resident of San Francisco’s drug-riddled Tenderloin District talks about the nightmarish turn she says the neighborhood has taken with the City’s permission. 

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1 thought on “After Hours: Alzheimer’s Drug Update & San Francisco’s Open-Air Drug Market (Podcast)”

  1. Thank you for this sobering report on San Fransisco. Connecting the dots, although setting oneself up as a conspiracy theorist, is a necessary survival skill; especially considering the misinformation that has been approved for public broadcast on the mainstream media outlets: Garbage in/garbage out. CA. Gov. Newsom is a student of the WEF. What does the WEF have to offer other than a totalitarian world dis-order that completely disenfranchises the sovereign Citizens of the world? Re: the Alameda woman recounts her tale of economic decline, and yet, she was not a victim of drug abuse–and yet, the IRS targeted her and essentially rendered her a homeless person. What’s wrong with this picture? The history lesson is worth a review: the IRS was created in 1913, the same time as the Federal Reserve Board. What purpose does the IRS serve when it targets innocent people and destroys their ability to sustain self and family? The tenderloin tale of eco-financial ill-managed outcomes is indicative of a destructive lack of initiative at the highest levels of non-governance. And yet, We the People must awaken to the fact that waiting for the cavalry to arrive is a recipe for continued political corruption and eco-financial disaster.

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