Congress wants answers re: closure of DEA special investigative unit in Mexico

According to Mexican officials, a special investigative US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) unit was closed because it had been infiltrated by criminals.

Some media reports have indicated the special unit was “deeply dysfunctional and constantly leaking to the cartels.” 

On a bipartisan basis, leading US senators are asking for answers.

Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) have been trying to get to the bottom of what actually unfolded in Mexico.

The senators requested an official response from the US government multiple times since last November, but have yet to receive substantive answers.

In their recent letter sent to DEA Administrator Anne Milgram, the senators voice serious concerns about the DEA’s lack of engagement with this committee of jurisdiction, and outline concerns stemming from the Mexican president’s announcement that the DEA sensitive investigative unit had closed.

After more than six months, and despite multiple follow-up requests from both of our offices, we have received neither the briefing we requested nor a response to our November 16, 2021, letter. By any measure, such an extended delay is unacceptable. Furthermore, recent developments in Mexico raise additional concerns and speak to an ongoing need for congressional oversight.”

Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Dick Durbin (D-Illinois)

The senators also ask the DEA to explain the circumstances surrounding the reported removal of an airplane used in DEA missions against drug cartels.

This is just the latest in a series of longstanding concerns about DEA’s oversight of its overseas operations.

An August 2021 report by the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) and a report from U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC) raised serious concerns about the lack of oversight of DEA operations abroad. 

Grassley and Durbin sought specific information about the status of some of these operations and the steps being taken to comply with OIG’s recommendations in November 2021.

They raised concerns about operations involving a leak in Mexico, agents fraternizing with prostitutes in Colombia, and two DEA-associated individuals in Haiti arrested or wanted by authorities in connection with the assassination of that country’s president.

Full text of Grassley’s and Durbin’s letter to DEA can be found HERE.

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10 thoughts on “Congress wants answers re: closure of DEA special investigative unit in Mexico”

  1. If “Congress” were truly concerned about the DEA, their first move would be to stop DEA funding until all questions were answered to their satisfaction. Until they do that, they’re just blowing smoke.

  2. In my lexicon, “End-times” means: corruption has reached its total saturation point. The only actions we must engage in now, involve cleaning up our acts. Instead of living the Lie, we can celebrate the Truth. Considering the fact that perhaps greater than 75% of the American population are acclimated(or addicted) to the Pharma-teat means that too many citizens know zero about optimal wellness and authentic health care. If a sick society cannot begin to come to terms with the basic premise for mental well-being, then the bad actors importing Fentynal have a consumer base to exploit for profit. The cartels at the border need only pay off the corrupted officers-agents-or representatives in order to continue with the biz-as-usual. And the central banks have been laundering the money for eons!

  3. just another turd that the reaction to it will be worse than the actual problem itself. bidenomics will throw trillions at it and have no effect other that the democrats saying money was spent. the GAO needs to start their job and reporting the effects of what the “throw money at the problem” is doing to is as a nation. an do it faster and just maybe before the money is spent and the taxpayer is left holding the bag on another endless government program.

  4. The DEA is just another branch of the medical-industrial establishment and should simply be eliminated entirely, along with probably something on the order of 90% of the entire executive branch of the federal government — and of a lot of state governments as well, especially here in California where I live. The real power of the Deep State lies in the hands of the professional bureaucrats they effectively appoint and control. We also need a law limiting the total number of years that any individual can receive a salary from any branch of the executive department, maybe a dozen years or so, the kind of law that would have rid us of Fauci decades ago.

  5. the biden administration wants no obstacles to freely deal with mexican cartels. They will get their share and send it to Ukraine to launder the money via “crackhead” hunter and bring it back to the US as dividends from a ghost company. Pelosi, schumer, Kerry, obummer, clintons, bidens, schiff. They are part of the cartels equation.

  6. One team in our state police drug task force (the one that makes almost all of the arrests) avoids the DEA. They do this because the DEA has tipped off the drug dealers they were attempting to arrest. They still work with the US Marshals and USPS, but I imagine the team won’t last much longer. Our state is corrupt from top to bottom, just like the federal government.

    I remain to this day convinced that the drug market decline during the 2016 to 2020 period caused the acceleration of what was supposed to occur in 2030. I think the Triads and the CCP are one thing, and the DNC is a part of that thing. CCP is the manufacturer, Mexican Cartels are the logistics providers, DNC is the road crew. To illustrate what I am talking about, during 2019 the Chinese were directly involved with weed sales in our state. Now that is desperation.

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