Dream On; Mother’s Refuge; Whale Songs

For as critical as sleep is to our very survival, scientists know remarkably little about it.

The same goes for the mysterious world of dreams.

Sunday on Full Measure, I’ll speak to two scientists on the cutting edge of sleep and dream research to find out what they’re learning.

Michelle Carr, Sleep and Dream Researcher

Some of it has to do with lucid dreams– those are dreams where you know you’re in a dream while you’re in the dream.

But to go a step further takes us to the “Inception” world of “dream engineering.” That’s the idea of changing your dreams in a way that can benefit you in your waking life.

Also on Full Measure, Scott Thuman takes us to a ranch in Texas that has a unique mission involving pregnant moms with no place else to go.

And we’ll have a fascinating story about the song of whales. A beautiful way to spend part if your Sunday!

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