(EXCLUSIVE) Experts: ‘Omicron Covid-19 likely came from a lab, too’

  • Scientists say Omicron appears to have a clear lab origin
  • Future lab releases of Covid-19 variants are “likely”

When Omicron emerged, many scientists were bowled over by the lightning speed with which it spread. Although public health officials had warned that the original Covid-19 was highly contagious and fast-moving— it looked like it was standing still next to the Omicron variant.

Watch video at link:

Now, some scientists examining the virus have concluded “vast” genetic mutations that likely occurred in a lab setting are what makes Omicron spread so quickly.

Omicron was first detected in Botswana, South Africa, reported to have been brought by a foreign delegation from a country officials will not identify, making it more difficult for outside observers to track its origin.

To many scientists, the genetic differences that made Omicron so quickly transmissible caused it to immediately stand out as unlikely to be a result of a natural evolution. Some note the “rapid accumulation of mutations in the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant that enabled its outbreak.”

“There was a large number of mutations in this variant—many more than we would expect from the normal evolution of this virus,” said virologist Andrew Pekosz, Professor of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. “Importantly, many mutations occurred in the spike protein—the protein the virus uses to bind to and enter cells—which is the target of the vaccine.”

“It did not follow the trajectory of the outbreak,” says a researcher studying the virus for the US government who did not wish to be identified because he is not authorized to speak publicly on the topic. “One of the hypotheses is that there’s been a cryptic, a completely separate outbreak going on,” or a “cryptic transmission” independent of mice. “Perhaps someone immune-compromised was infected, and active replication of the virus was maintained for a very long time.

But there is another disturbing theory— one considered more likely by some scientists working on the issue: that Omicron was bred in a lab and escaped.

It is possible “that serial passaging in mice was done in a laboratory somewhere, and add[ed] an accidental or on purpose release on the back end,” says a scientist with knowledge of the matter. “The short version is that the least likely scenario is that this was a natural human transmission chain that created the lineage and we just failed to detect it. The number and makeup of the changes would have required a vast number of infections to support.”

But how?

With Covid so prevalent, the statistical chances of a lab release are exponentially higher than they were in 2019. In the words of one scientist, “Every lab in the world is now working on Covid. It’s highly contagious and risky even with the best conrtrols. The odds of an accidental release are pretty high.”

“It’s very hard to attribute where these things occur, but this is an unprecedented time we’re living in,” he says, “where there are a lot of lab facilities working on the virus at the same time. And so at any point, we have safety controls to try to keep the pathogens in the lab. But with so many people working under different conditions, different restrictions, different rules, the potential for lab release of some COVID related work is plausible. It’s something we need to consider.”

If Omicron came from a lab, there is the possibility of a nefarious or an accidental release. Further lab releases of genetically-altered versions of Covid, say some, are not only possible but likely.

“Suspicious features”

One scientist tells me the features that seem to set Omicron apart from a natural virus evolution include “acquiring genetic features that didn’t exist or don’t have a precedent historically, suddenly appear in a very short timeframe” and “a change in the amount or the acquisition of change in a virus beyond what the expectation is.” 

Scientists have identified no fewer than “45 point mutations that Omicron acquired since divergence from the B.1.1 lineage.” The mutations represent what some consider to be an implausibly high number of changes for natural evolution that has resulted in Omicron’s greater transmissibility. 

Another suspicous feature of Omicron, according to multiple scientists, is its apparent mouse origin. 

The fact is, Chinese and American scientists who had partnered up on research for years prior to the pandemic, had found it exceedingly difficult to get the bat coronavirus they were studying to infect lab mice. So the researchers were, in essence, altering lab mice to give them human cells and attributes to get them to catch a genetically-manipulated version of Covid so that they could try to invent vaccines and treatments for it. 

“The original virus had difficulties establishing infections in mice, and for laboratory use we had to have ACE2 transgenic mice [also known as] humanized mice that expressed the human ACE2 receptor,” says a scientist.

In other words, experts say rodents aren’t known to naturally catch and transmit Covid-19, so if Omicron came from a mouse host, it likely happened in an experimental lab.

The Chinese are reporting much the same. And although US scientists take research by communist Chinese scientists with a grain of salt, the fact that they’ve appeared to reach a similar conclusion bolsters the case.

In a scientific paper entitled: “Evidence for a mouse origin of the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant,” authors Changshuo Wei, Ke-Jia Shan, Weiguang Wang, Shuya Zhang, and Qing Huan say the evidence indicates (progenitor of Omicron) jumped from humans to mice, where it somehow “rapidly accumulated mutations conductive to” [quick infection], “then jumped back into humans.”

“We found that the Omicron spike protein sequence was subjected to stronger positive selection than that of any reported SARS-CoV-2 variants known to evolve persistently in human hosts,” reports the analysis. “The number and frequency of mutations “was significantly different from the spectrum for viruses that evolved in human patients.” 

“The molecular spectrum (i.e., the relative frequency of the twelve types of base substitutions) of mutations acquired by the progenitor of Omicron was significantly different from the spectrum for viruses that evolved in human patients, but was highly consistent with spectra associated with evolution in a mouse cellular environment.”

From the study:

  • The molecular spectrum of pre-outbreak Omicron mutations is inconsistent with an evolutionary history in humans
  • The molecular spectrum of pre-outbreak Omicron mutations is consistent with an evolutionary history in mice
  • Human SARS-CoV-2 variants reported to date could not provide a backbone for Omicron. 

Translated, experts say, a lab experimenting on human Covid in mice could have produced the incredibly more infectious Omicron, and it somehow made it into the general population.

“Natural origin is the least likely scenario,” says one governent scientist who is studying Omicron.

Second lab release?

If Omicron came from a lab, it could be the second such release.

As I’ve previously reported, many scientists around the world who studied Covid-19 from the start have said they found hallmarks of man’s manipulation, pointing strongly to a lab origin.

With the Chinese uncooperative in investigations after the pandemic, and with no public accountability among or investigation of the U.S. reserachers, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, who funded with taxpayer money or participated in the research with the communist Chinese scientists, it remains unprovable as to whether Covid-19 was cooked up in the Wuhan, China research lab. The Chinese never allowed in US or other inspectors access to the lab and documentation that would have been needed to learn the truth, even though the US helped support, inspect and bolster the lab, and partnered with scientists from the lab on controvresial and dangerous gain of function research using taxpayer dollars.

In the U.S., the group that watches for the possibility of a nefarious source turning an easily-accessible sample of Covid-19 into a bioweapon are the experts at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) at Ft. Detrick, Maryland.

Major Jeffrey Kugelman is Division Chief of Molecular Biology there. As to whether they’ve detected anything suspicious, so far, Kugelman told me, “There’s an ongoing discussion about Omicron and we don’t have enough evidence to say, but it did not follow the trajectory of the outbreak.” 

“We’re still looking into why Omicron is so different,” says Kugelman, “but it is quite different than we were expecting.”

Additional reading regarding Omicron’s “vast mutations” that make it spread more quickly in humans:




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72 thoughts on “(EXCLUSIVE) Experts: ‘Omicron Covid-19 likely came from a lab, too’”

  1. Hi Sharyl and others. https://rumble.com/vvwwsg-new-vaccine-that-spreads-like-a-virus.html
    The video link is about 3 minutes long. Jimmy Dore in that segment published February 26, 2022 did his video working from an article in The Daily Mail which has a line that Jimmy had on his screen “Around a dozen research institutions in the US., Europe and Australia are already investigating the potential for self-spreading vaccines in the wake of the Corona Virus epidemic.”

    Sharyl’s article ABOVE had the following, “If Omicron came from a lab, there is the possibility of a nefarious or an accidental release.”

    What if though some lab somewhere made a variant of the covid virus that they knew had much milder symptoms and they just decided to release it to the world. Omicron has often been said to have milder symptoms — many times reported to be “mild” or “cold-like.”

    MAYBE some do-gooder or group could have engineered and released this comparatively mild Omicron virus to provide immunity or booster immunity to the general population. If so, they would want to keep it secret because there would be mad people who are losing out on selling vaccines and their profits would go down.

    1. I thought that when they first announced this.
      In January, I tested positive for covid. Mild but annoying congestion in my throat, no fever. Symptoms gone in a week, and a negative tested. I have to test weekly for my job at a hospital since I refuse to be vaccinated. I assume it was omicron.
      My sister passed away during the delta phase last year. Denied early treatment then vent and remdesivir. She lasted 5 days. No visitors allowed. I wake up in the middle every night thinking about her in that hospital. I have not yet been able to form good thoughts or words about my feelings around her death.
      I want to think somewhere out there, someone is fighting all the evil and corruption. Believing that omicron was engineered to defeat the more deadly strains gives me some hope in humanity.
      But I have no faith in that. My faith is in God. In the end, we all will answer to Him.

      1. I think this is the case as well. But I think it is in response to the authoritarian lockdown policies used to control society. Not only a vaccine for SARS-Cov=2, but a vaccine against tyranny.

        If you think about it, it worked for both. For now, anyway.

  2. Laurence Fitzgerald

    And what about the current BA2 variant that is replacing Omicron? Do the genetic differences indicate an evolution from Omicron, or not?

  3. Omicron was essentially an auto-delivery, no cost vaccine. Could have been a white hat counter attack against the black hat’s SARS-CoV-2 attack. I like to imagine how dismayed Fauci, Gates et al were when they found out all of their hard work could be undone in a single flu season.

    1. But I still worry about unintended consequences. Scientists, no matter how well meaning, cannot accurately foresee all the possible reactions. Case in point is the thalidomide debacle of the 1950’s. Scientists developed it and found out it helped against morning sickness so doctors gave it to pregnant women. The unfortunate results were babies being born with no limbs. Imo as a civilization we are much better off when we realize that really really bad things can happen even with the best of intentions.

  4. In the epoch of masks, medical malfeace, fake news aka ministry of propaganda and dissimulation for the uniparty it’s so comforting to both see your overcoming grave injustices and demonstrating strong virtue

  5. Just noting that the report referencing possible national origins of the variant was from TASS, the leading news agency from Russia.

  6. Hi Sharyl,

    Nice article, that actually repeats the Nov 2021 interview with Dr. Robert Malone on WND, he was the first saying that Omicron is indeed a second (!!) deliberate lab leak.
    And also “the beste Christmas present you can imagine, as it will give natural immunity against Delta and therefore end the pandemic”,
    It all became reality, it was indeed the best Christmas present.
    Same sequencing results from Dr. Steven Quay on Fox Business News, same view as Dr. Malone.
    The BIG question is: WHO exactly has engineered and spread Omicron?
    Definitely a geopolitical player who wanted to halt the western globalist cult’s pLandemic and their deadly vaccinations, knowing that it would give natural immunity.

  7. (March 12, 2022- :nine months later.)
    Uh, … … … … …I rest my case I guess ? ? ?

    Yep!!! …and a lab created vybrid as I call it! – You all know Mcconnell’s wife ran the wuhan lab also! …right! (Even Obama and multiple other’s funded this business- had their fingers in this business from what I’d gathered etc) …The Ukraine fiasco and the near WWIII has now taken the eye’s off of it hasn’t it!!!
    Be aware out there though/ keep taking precautions because the deadly vybrid is still floating around even though they all made billions utilizing it as they did (and in the form of experimental/ exploratory vaccines etc)!!! – The lab created vybrid that got loose: was masked over (to hide the fact of it) with further spread of the basic sars- covid/ mutation’s/ strain’s type of business same see (You see how the Dr’s/ hospitals did not and would not let anyone know exactly what they’d contracted! It was seen in many articles and the government kept a very close eye on all this didn’t they!!!: – To muck up the water’s so to speak from the (an actual vybrid (hybrid virus-virus hybrid lab created) from being seen there-of that was wiping people out (only something created in a lab as such could cause the devastation multi ailment health havoc as seen! Period!): Look close …you’ll see this is exactly what took place and what they tried to hide!!! I stand by my hypothesis …and my opinion of it!
    Take care out there/ God Bless ✝️✝️✝️

    That wasn’t just your normal cold type of sars- covid-corona business that hit italy and the state of washington wiping people out like that: That was a lab created “vybrid” Period! There is several factor’s to take into consideration and per what was seen/ how it was all handled! …From what I see there may have been a potential third player in this aside flying around in the shadows so to speak: which was subtly tainted-meat’ing people so to speak on a subtle level over time (conditioning human beings) and potentially triggered by what have you if you come into contact with whatever it is that trigger’s? (Understand what I’m getting at?) (Like for instance as seen hepatitis works: if you have one of the hepatitis strain’s A,B or C: you must get vaccinated for the other’s …or if you come into contact with the other two at all it’s usually curtains !!!
    Short of (my opinion(s) only of course mind you thank you): …long haul covid as it is being called if you look at it :is actually from a lab created vybrid … not from what it is being portrayed from being from! It is from the other side of the coin (than the normal day sars-covid- corona or the mutation’s/ strain’s/ variant’s on that side of the coin …is this not correct scientists/ Dr’s that be? ? ?: ..Only a lab created vybrid could cause thus type of multi-ailment horror! …and long haul multi symptom ailments as such! …They know it!
    …It’s like tar so to speak: hard to get off: hard to get out of your system .. it takes a long time! …and as was found can lay dormant in your system as well! .. She’s a nasty one aye Doc!
    Take care all/ God Bless ✝️

    The exploratory/ experimental vaccine’s= aren’t touching the lab created vybrid(s) .. are they Doc(s). Good luck everybody/ wishing all well/ God Bless ✝️✝️✝️

    It’s a vybrid (lab created hybrid virus/ virus hybrid) – That’s been covered-up: and still on the loose no stopping it! It was covered up in this fashion via your normal cover-up sars, covid, corona side of the coin strain’s, mutation’s, variant’s felivered- let loose: and to hide the fact of it on that front: Billions of dollars made on experimental/ exploratory vaccine’s: Which don’t touch the vybrid!!! Have a good hard look at this! …All of the characters involved= they’ll skate scott free! Take precautions for the vybrid being “masked over” (pardon the pun Ha!) per this fact (see how they kept everyone in the hospitals from knowing exactly what they contracted!): …is still on the loose …there’s no stopping it! (It’s out of control in multiple countries continued: even china- see the news!) Take care/ God Bless ✝️✝️✝️

    And per news today march 10, 2022: They say a higher number as high as 18M now known have passed on from it)
    It’s a VYBRID= (Hybrid- virus/ Virus hybrid!)
    Being hidden (covered-up) by the “normal” side of the coin sars-covid- corona type of strain’s, variant’s, mutation’s they spread far and wide to help mucky up the waters from it being seen and of this fact !!! Only a lab created horror could cause the multi ailment’s as seen/ from it Period!!!
    Simple: Notice how they would not (“legally” because of “legal reasons” etc so they said) allow citizen’s at the hospitals know exactly what they’d contracted!!! That’s why they went hard core trying to experimental/ exploratory vaccine everybody (billions made there too boy!!!)- To try and kill it dead …and what do you see as of today?: See the exploratory/experimental vaccine’s don’t and won’t touch the lab created “Vybrid” (vybrid as I call it!). China and Russia as seen getting WHOLLOPED by it now/ to further extent! The vybrid isn’t done! I would still take serious precaution: wear a mask, wash your hands etc! It isn’t over nor will it be for a very long time! Take care/ God Bless ✝️ and have a nice day ?

    1. Yes your right. My husband and I are fighting long COVID since December. I was in the hospital 7 days and my husband, 9 days. My hair is falling out. We can’t remember any short term things. He feels like someone is sitting on his chest at times. These symptoms come and go. I get dizzy etc. this isn’t fun. Not at all. Thank you

      1. Go to FLCCC Alliance website they have protocols for long covid and truth about surviving covid.. praying for your health.

  8. Kind of interesting isn’t it: that news channels WION and DW news (you tube news videos) …have taken down the videos where I commented as same- per same.
    Well, well well.
    Enjoy this beautiful Colorado weather and weekend all. And a blessed Easter holiday ahead
    Take care,
    Mr. Weaver ♎⚖️✝️

  9. The theory that the “Morinic” (it’s an anagram) variant came from a lab has been floating around from shortly after it was first identified. The supposed story is that it was developed as a sort of natural vaccine that was extremely contagious, but was also much, much less likely to cause serious illness, let alone death. And, of course, the story also supposes that the Moronic variant was deliberately released to accomplish the intended “natural vaccination’ of the world’s population.

  10. How did Moderna and the Wuhan Lab know, that it needed a COVID-19 vaccine almost 2 years before it was released in 2020? Look at the date of the BID below, 2018. And, who provided the WAV1 spike for SARS-Cov-2 in 2015 below.

    The BID
    Saying this out loud: In 2018, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) initiated a “Special Project” to develop – among other things – new vaccines based on Shi Zhengli’s bat coronavirus research.


    Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory, biosafety-level-4 (BSL-4) became operational Jaunary 2018. China needed a BSL-4 lab to work on COVID-19((SARS-CoV-2)

    The Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory is housed at the Chinese military facility Wuhan Institute of Virology linked to China’s Biological Warfare Program. It was the first ever lab in the country designed to meet biosafety-level-4 (BSL-4) standards – the highest biohazard level, meaning that it would be qualified to handle the most dangerous pathogens.

    In January 2018, the lab was operational ‘for global experiments on BSL-4 pathogens,’ wrote Guizhen Wu in the journal Biosafety and Health. ‘After a laboratory leak incident of SARS in 2004, the former Ministry of Health of China initiated the construction of preservation laboratories for high-level pathogens such as SARS, coronavirus, and pandemic influenza virus,’ wrote Guizhen Wu.

    Look at the first date, when they started working together. November 6, 2015. What was just finished in 2015. SARS-CoV-2 – See Below

    Moderna and NIAID have joint ownership

    “Jointly-owned by NIAID and Moderna” p. 105
    August 10, 2018



    Note: this is not the earliest version of SARS-CoV-2, I believe

    THE 3W’s of COVID-19(SARS-CoV-2)

    Who: Ralph S. Baric, PhD(UNC-Chapel Hill Lab)[1], Dr. Zhengli-Li Shi(Wuhan China)[2]

    When: 2015-03-20

    Where: UNC-Chapel Hill

    comment image

    If you, can prove when the virus was made, how the virus was made and who made the virus then every thing down stream of its creation must be a lie. I offer the following. Its intent is to prove COVID-19 was created, period.

    I believe in 2015, through the joint efforts of American(NCU) and Chinese(Wuhan) labs and Baric and Dr. Zhengli-Li Shi. COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) was made using WIV1-CoV chimeric.

    In addition to the full-length clone, we also produced WIV1-CoV chimeric virus that replaced the SARS spike with the WIV1 spike within the mouse-adapted backbone.

    Lab-Made? SARS-CoV-2 Genealogy Through the Lens of Gain-of-Function Research

    By Yuri Deigin

    Apr 22, 2020

    Using the SARS-CoV infectious clone as a template (7), we designed and synthesized a full-length infectious clone of WIV1-CoV consisting of six plasmids that could be enzymatically cut, ligated together, and electroporated into cells to rescue replication competent progeny virions (Fig. S1A). In addition to the full-length clone, we also produced WIV1-CoV chimeric virus that replaced the SARS spike with the WIV1 spike within the mouse-adapted backbone (WIV1-MA15, Fig. S1B). … To confirm growth kinetics and replication, Vero cells were infected with SARS-CoV Urbani, WIV1-MA15, and WIV1-CoV.[6]


    To me, the 2016 paper looks a lot like the 2015 one. Moreover, its rationale is not very clear to me: after all, WIV1/Rs3367 already shared 96% of their genome with SARS-CoV. So I am not sure why one would want to insert a spike protein from its closest relative back into SARS-CoV. Maybe just because they could. In this light, the title of the article acquires a certain duality: SARS-like WIV1-CoV poised for human emergence.

    Oh, and I am not sure how in 2015 Baric was granted a patent for the creation of “chimeric coronavirus spike proteins”, given all that he and Shi Zhengli previously disclosed in their papers long before 2015.


    I believe the patent referenced above and granted to Baric is httpsColon//patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/84/9b/ba/459d77fa1380a5/WO2015143335A1.pdf

    Publication of WO2015143335A1

    Change of events

    Application PCT/US2015/021773

    2014-03-20 Priority to US201461968279P

    2014-03-20 Priority to US61/968,279

    2015-03-20 Application filed by The University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill<————————–<<<<

    2015-09-24 Publication of WO2015143335A1

    SARS-like WIV1-CoV poised for human emergence[3]

    Synthetic construction of chimeric mutant and full-length WIV1-CoV were approved by the UNC Institutional Biosafety Committee and the Dual Use Research of Concern Committee.[4]

    ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. We thank Dr. Zhengli-Li Shi of the Wuhan Institute of Virology for access to bat CoV sequences and plasmid of WIV1-CoV spike protein. Research was supported by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease and the National Institute of Aging of the NIH under Awards U19AI109761 and U19AI107810 (to R.S.B.), AI1085524 (to W.A.M.), and F32AI102561 and K99AG049092 (to V.D.M.). Human airway epithelial cell cultures were supported by the National Institute of Diabetes and Di-gestive and Kidney Disease under Award NIH DK065988 (to S.H.R.). Support for the generation of the mice expressing human ACE2 was provided by NIH Grants AI076159 and AI079521 (to A.C.S.) [3].

    A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence[4]

    Construction of Chimeric SARS-Like Viruses. Both wild-type and chimeric WIV-CoV infectious clones were designed using published sequences and based on the SARS-CoV infectious clone (10). Synthetic construction of chimeric mutant and full-length WIV1-CoV were approved by the UNC Institutional Biosafety Committee and the Dual Use Research of Concern Committee.[3]


    Construction of SARS-like chimeric viruses. Both wild-type and chimeric viruses were derived from either SARS-CoV Urbani or the correspond-ing mouse-adapted (SARS-CoV MA15) infectious clone (ic) as previously described27. Plasmids containing spike sequences for SHC014 were extracted by restriction digest and ligated into the E and F plasmid of the MA15 infec-tious clone. The clone was designed and purchased from Bio Basic as six contiguous cDNAs using published sequences flanked by unique class II restriction endonuclease sites (BglI). Thereafter, plasmids containing wild-type, chimeric SARS-CoV and SHC014-CoV genome fragments were ampli-fied, excised, ligated and purified. In vitro transcription reactions were then preformed to synthesize full-length genomic RNA, which was transfected into Vero E6 cells as previously described2. The medium from transfected cells was harvested and served as seed stocks for subsequent experiments. Chimeric and full-length viruses were confirmed by sequence analysis before use in these studies. Synthetic construction of chimeric mutant and full-length SHC014-CoV was approved by the University of North Carolina Institutional Biosafety Committee and the Dual Use Research of Concern committee. [4]

    The virus is known as severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The disease it causes is called coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)..[5]

    Infection with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) is the cause of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in over 150 million people (Organization 2020).[5]

    1 https*//sph.unc.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/112/2021/10/Ralph_Baric_2021_Jon_Gardiner_738x714-738×714.jpg
    2 https*//www.thegatewaypundit.com/wp-content/uploads/shi-zhengli-2–360×188.jpg
    3 https*//www.pnas.org/content/pnas/113/11/3048.full.pdf
    4 https*//www.nature.com/articles/nm.3985.pdf
    5 https*//www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/coronavirus/symptoms-causes/syc-20479963
    5 https*//link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11481-021-10012-9
    6 https*//www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4801244/

  11. If people can’t understand that we are in the age of biowarfare by now, then I don’t know what to tell you. The pandemic, Hunter’s China/Ukraine business dealings, and the Russia/Ukraine war are not all separate instances. This is a continuation of the ongoing global conflict where the same usual suspects keep popping up as being in the middle of each.

  12. John Neal Spangler

    Go to Bitchute and watch David Martin videos, He has proof C19 was designed in Wuhan and in 2015 went to Army lab in North caroina where it went into full production, C19 a bio attack by elements of US government.

  13. Covid 19 is a bio weapon released by the Empire of Lies to usher in their Great Reset.
    Ordo Ab Chao
    Omicron is the live vaccine created by the leaders of the Multi Polar World.

    This war is far from over.

  14. We’ll never KNOW where Covid and variants came from but the simpliest answer is usually right. China, and they will bring it back any time they want.

  15. I think there are some remaining questions however.

    1) Are the HIV1 sequences still present in Omicron? Will these cause cancers in the future?
    2) Is the Moderna patented nucleotide sequence present in Omicron? If so, why wasn’t it removed, and what future dangers does it pose?
    3) same questions for the vaccines. If these sequences have been removed or modified in the vax, that implies that Moderna and Pfizer scientists knew all of this 2 years ago and said nothing, just quietly burying the smoking guns. If these have NOT been removed, then we are in danger of being infected with these, with unknown and potentially fatal effect.
    Remember that once infected (or inoculated) those substances remain in the body forever, in low amounts, controlled by your immune system. Think about chicken pox/shingles – herpes zoster virus. You can’t ever get rid of it completely.

  16. The conversation should be about who is engineering these biological weapons and why are we allowing these sociopaths to study, create and unleash death on people worldwide?

  17. Greg the American

    I enjoy reading the comments. This said, I think there is a fair amount of suggestion from the “science” these last couple years that they are incapable of the amount of subtle purpose suggested by many of the commenters. Both the science observers (such as those in the article) and the players (such as those at Ecohealth, Fauci, China, etc.) are showing themselves incapable of brewing up such fantastically purposeful bio weapons. They seem to barely be able to identify these things, much less design them to selectively target

    That said, I’ve read the DARPA papers on Project Veritas. The suggestion of the nature of the project in China was similar to what the commenters suggest Omicron is…a vaccination in itself. They were supposedly looking for funding to create an easily spreadable airborne virus to, in effect, inoculate the bats.. Substitute humans and you have to wonder if we weren’t all just part of someone’s experiment. Omicron functioned as a vaccine.

    The community of these scientists is international. It is not entirely monolithic. Our friends in Russia, India, Israel, and other places may need to step up and create a stink if this is some sort of conspiracy or bio warfare is indeed at play. The allegations about the Ukrainian labs is astounding. We’ll see if the Russians produce the goods.

  18. My grandparents survived the Great Influenza and my parents grew up during the Depression and my father fought in the South Pacific. Once the Soviet Union fell, I thought those cataclysmic events could never occur in my lifetime. Boy, was I ever wrong. That and more. Glad that I am on the far side of the age spectrum because we are living in 1939 with 21st technology.

  19. “….the evidence indicates (progenitor of Omicron) jumped from humans to mice, where it somehow “rapidly accumulated mutations conductive to” [quick infection], “then jumped back into humans.”….”
    this in not only unbelievable, it sounds like utter non-believable.

  20. There is another theory… the OMICRON variant, if it truly exists, is from “vaccinating” with a non sterilizing “vaccine” during a pandemic. The vaccinated put significant “pressure” on the virus… something that has not been done during a pandemic before. I doubt we will ever know the truth.

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