German vaccine panel: one Covid-19 shot enough for children

The following is an excerpt from Yahoo News! via Reuters.

Germany’s vaccine advisory panel on Tuesday said one Covid-19 shot was enough for healthy five- to 11-year-olds because most of them had already undergone an infection, maintaining its cautious approach.

The view by the panel of 18 appointees, known as STIKO, contrasts with European Union regulators’ approval for a two-shot regimen in that age group.

U.S. regulators last week even authorized a third, booster shot for the group.

“For children we have to assume that the rate of spreading of the infection is the highest. That’s why it’s reasonable to administer only one vaccination,” STIKO panel member Martin Terhardt told a media briefing.

German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach said STIKO’s move had his full backing.

“I hope that the vaccine will be well accepted but we must not exert pressure,” he added.

About 22% of five- to 11-year-old children in Germany have so far received at least one Covid shot. (Continued)

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1 thought on “German vaccine panel: one Covid-19 shot enough for children”

  1. Since CV-19 was a gain of function lab invention, and we now know that patents exist on all these dreadful viruses, shouldn’t we instead focus on the corruption that is implied re bioweapons research and deliberate release of the viruses(mere accidents, of course). Also, since Pfizer’s lawyers now admit that the so-called vaccine is ‘not a vaccine’–and is a “prototype”, and that the “experimental” emergency actions were merely a staged event–a test, if you will, why are governments and the corporate media still calling the mRNA format a vaccine?

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