How could ‘Web3’ break the Big Tech monopoly?

The following is an excerpt from Becker’s Healthcare.

Web3 is touted as an inevitable game changer for the internet by advocates, while others think it’s a overhyped project with impossible barriers to mount.

This new, decentralized and blockchain backed version of the internet is worth talking about, according to a May 10 Harvard Business Review article.

Web3 is a shorthand for the project that aims to change the internet by using blockchain to disrupt how information is stored, shared and owned.

In theory it could break the monopolies of a select few companies who control information.

In a Web3 internet, users won’t need separate logins for every site but instead will probably have a centralized identity, they will also be able to earn or buy tokens that could allow them to vote on decisions on a site or unlock some functionality.

Whether customers will be able to adapt to this more decentralized version of the internet or even like it remains to be seen. 

Link to Becker’s article.

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7 thoughts on “How could ‘Web3’ break the Big Tech monopoly?”

  1. Wouldn’t it be easyer internet blockchain to change router and servers delivered function internet ? Example; To keep innocent young children’s eyes from getting redirected to unwanted Porn sites like they did to me several times in past by bad browsers search engines. chain function delivery… Change the internet site delivery router coding.. Thus any unwanted sites like porn sites would not show up any longer in Dot com. Internet enviroment They would have to be searched and entered by A New like this way nobody gets accidently redirected to bad sites and certain other sites can better control information protection this way ??? A New way = keep in mind internet .com spaces to go never existed until the Domain environment was coded and created this thus any New domains can also be created with different internet coding environments….. Other New examples How about Tripple Dot com ….com proving New Domain addresses block chain delivery function… This Tip info from “Area 15 Indiana ” Where physics happened. A new generation with a New explanation of Space time un- squared energy continued since 1980.

    1. Web 3.0 isn’t about protecting kids from porn (though that’s not off the table, but misses the point). Web 3.0 is about preventing censorship, giving you control of your ID, your data, your content, and your access.

      It prevents censorship by decentralizing the “sites” (not known as DAPPS (decentralized apps) so an Amazon or a GoDaddy can’t kill them. There are also decentralized domain name systems like ENS (Ethereum Name System) or Unstoppable Domains, among others, where not even your domain name can be confiscated.

      More at

  2. Bruce Williamson

    Decentralize the whole thing and make it one giant mesh network. No one owns it. No one controls it.

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