Internal CDC docs on the agency’s false Covid vaccine claims

Internal documents at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) show that Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky) ignited quite the firestorm when he contacted the agency to point out serious Covid vaccine disinformation that their top officials and vaccine scientists had signed off on.

I reported on the story last year after Massie produced audio recordings of CDC officials and scientists admitting the error to him, yet continued to publicly make the false claim: that original studies proved Covid vaccines helped people who’d already had Covid. They didn’t.

Watch the story and listen to the CDC audio recordings here.

Recently, emails obtained through a Freedom of Information request show more than a thousand pages of emails mentioning Massie and his concerns swirled around at CDC.

What did they say? Well, much of the time we don’t know because that’s hidden behind big, blue redactions.

Public info redacted by CDC regarding the agency’s Covid vaccine disinformation
Public info redacted by CDC regarding the agency’s Covid vaccine disinformation

We do see that before admitting the claim was wrong, CDC scientists tried to defend their false information.

CDC scientists and officials first attempt to defend the false info they were publicizing about Covid-19 vaccines
CDC scientists and officials try to defend the false info they were publicizing about Covid-19 vaccines

CDC also apparently tracks and logs CDC-related tweets by members of Congress, broken down by party affiliation.

CDC tracking tweets by members of Congress
CDC tracking tweets by members of Congress

It’s unclear why conversations between CDC officials and scientists on matters of great public health importance would be kept hidden from public view.

Nobody was held publicly accountable for the serious and potentially dangerous false information the CDC officials and scientists signed off on and publicized.

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69 thoughts on “Internal CDC docs on the agency’s false Covid vaccine claims”

  1. Stephen Triesch

    Extensive redactions like this would normally be associated with documents pertaining to national security or ongoing criminal cases, but that isn’t the case here. It’s kind of hard to avoid the impression that the government is trying to hide something that will make them look bad. You wonder how many “conspiracy theories” would turn out to be true if we had all the facts. Based on what we already know, a lot of “right-wing conspiracy theories” HAVE been found out to be true, and many of the left’s conspiracy theories (which are never referred to by that designation) are found to be false.

    1. National security has always meant protecting the government. That includes hiding damning information about the government damaging its citizens and/or info that threaten its power over people. The “nation” in national security is the authorities/government. They are protecting themselves from answering to us for their crimes.

    2. The government is beyond corrupt. They have misrepresented, cherrypicked and deliberately hid statistics and information and misled the public. How these people are still in power, shows beyond a doubt that tyranny is alive in western society. With everything that has come to light, at the very least, these people should be fired, humiliated and never get another job in the health care field. At best they would be tried for murder and conspiracy to murder along with the big pharma companies. But since they control everything, we just get to wait until they say “jump” again…

      1. Don’t forget that Janssen/JNJ upheld these lies and terminated people with proven natural immunity and their personal docs recommendation that the procedure was medically unnecessary.
        And they knew it was a lie.
        JnJ is not out for you, they were out for the millions of naturally immune arms to get jabbed. Based on a lie, they were fully aware of the entire time.
        World leading healthcare provider. Ha!

  2. These Goons wouldn’t be trying to get away with this if they were not pretty sure they had a secure grip around our neck. It’s an all in game now, conservatives will die if we lose. They have no intention of allowing us to have power back because if we do they all go to prison!

    1. It seems to me they are in panic mode, and are trying every means of retaining power. I think the cat is out of the bag now, and the only thing that can stop a change in the power structure is the passivity and inactivity of people who know what’s wrong and should be fighting, but are instead waiting for someone else to save them.

  3. There are a lot of truly wicked people in our government. It may not get sorted now but these people WILL HAVE TO ANSWER FIR THEIR CRIMES!
    I would love to see justice this side of eternity!

  4. Can someone tell me in a nutshell what false info the CDC was publishing, and proof of this? I can’t tell from the article.

    It’s outrageous that they are trying to hide their communications from the public. This isn’t the Defense Department or the CIA or something.

    1. “…CDC officials and scientists admitting the error to him…that original studies proved Covid vaccines helped people who’d already had Covid. They didn’t.”

      I.e., the CDC insisted everyone needed to get vaxxed, even those with natural immunity–citing evidence that the vaxx further reduced bad outcomes for those with natural immunity than natural immunity alone. No such evidence existed.

      I.e., they lied.

      1. Thanks. Is there a “smoking gun” quote or written admission someplace that proves this? I’d like to be able to cite it to others in a reliable manner. Just telling people that the CDC did this probably won’t convince those who are inclined not to believe it.

    2. There is no evidence that the vaccine helps people who were previously infected with C19. This was true at the time these claims were being made.

      Now, we know that the vax doesn’t help anybody after a period of time, and has begun actively hurting most groups with Omicron.

    3. For beginners, telling us the vax was safe and effective when pfizer papers showed it was anything but safe and effective. All animals in the study died. A huge percentage of humans in the trial had major adverse reactions and were pushed out of the trial group to avoid having to mention them. Go to steve kirsch on gab or substack. He does amazing research and has all the statistics.

  5. There is not a single agency in the US Govt. that is NOT Massively Corrupt and Biased against it’s OWN Citizens that pay their damn salaries and existence – Washington DC deserves to be flattened by a Giant Asteroid.

    1. You are preaching the truth. I have actually said in other posts the exact same thing. I am praying for a brimstone meteor to hit DC and Hollywood….don’t know if that would alter their stupidity.

  6. I’m starting to think the only thing odd is the curiosity, skeptism and dissent practiced by Sharyl and other non-conformists.

    In recent years, Americans have broadly rationalized political censorship, political imprisonment, forced medical procedures, widespread shunning and ostracizing of doctors and scientists, rigged elections, and a removal a national borders.

    These OUTRAGEOUS developments occurred in a couple of years without firing a shot (except the one thru Ashli Babbitt’s neck).

    Redactions, show trials, and perjury are just part of this new world. Time to ask yourself, “Does investigative journalism have a place in the China and its territories?” If it’s not “over”, when does it end?

  7. Anti-KlausSchwab

    Where is the impartial judiciary? How can we return to apolitical, impartial judiciary? Was it always such a fiction as it is today? Can we get a ruling from an uncorrupted right-leaning Judge then? All of the left is completely corrupt and justifies it as necessary to what, win? Any judge should order in camera inspection of unredacted docs if the assertion is national security. That would result in orders for release of unredacted docs from our CDC. OUR cdc.

  8. The lie and why it’s a lie is in the second paragraph. They’ve been pushing the ‘vaccination’ hard, on EVERYONE, including people who have gotten covid. People who have been sickened and then recovered from covid have immunity from covid (like 99% of all viral illnesses, and exceptions are things like colds and influenza, and that’s because the virus changes)
    What reason is there for ‘vaccination’ given for immune people? There is no rational reason. So this is known, but STILL lied about. And when publicly called out for this lie, they admit it, but STILL do not take down obviously false information. Much of the upset regarding universal vaccination is because people are certain that they are being lied to. This is an obvious example of that.

  9. The CDC deliberately withheld information that those who had already been infected with Covid 19/SARS2 didn’t need to be vaccinated because of natural immunity and then they redact their efforts to respond to criticism.
    As Original Antigenic Sin, Antibody Dependent Enhancement, and damage from the adjuvants result from the leaky, contaminated, gene altering, adverse reaction prone Covid 19/SARS2 vaccines result in more injuries, disabilities, and deaths, the CDC is sure to redact more information on what they knew and when they knew it.
    I hear their is reliable information on fraud concerning the Covid 19/SARS2 “vaccines” that will nullify the liability exemptions enjoyed by the pharmaceutical companies.

  10. If they sent you those redacted documents as PDFs you should be able to peel away the redaction layers.

  11. The most important rule for continued employment in government agencies in Washington, D.C. is “GO ALONG TO GET ALONG”.

    These people have found the sweet spot of employment. Above average salaries with no expectation of actually accomplishing anything.

  12. What really is the point of the ‘Freedom of Information Act’ if these civil departments can simply ‘redact’ any information they don’t want the public to see? Why is information from civil government being redacted when it has nothing to do with defense secrets? Why is our government hiding its actions and words from us? Our government obviously has evil intentions with regard to our future.

  13. “It’s unclear why conversations between CDC officials and scientists on matters of great public health importance would be kept hidden from public view.”

    Perhaps one reason is because vaccines are still being mandated – for example many universities are still requiring all students to be vaccinated, and a new set of students are entering in the fall. No exceptions are made for those students who already had COVID (and it is estimated that many have already had it). This false information from the CDC is being used as justification for denying such exceptions, and thus increasing the number of students being newly vaccinated.

    To sum up, the CDC lies and says there is benefit from vaccination for those who have had COVID when there is no benefit. It is known there is a nonzero risk of adverse effects. If the students knew the truth that there is no benefit and nonzero risk then very few if any would agree to be vaccinated.

    The goal of maximizing the number of people being vaccinated would seem to provide sufficient motivation to hide these conversations. Thus the truth remains hidden and the lie remains. The shame for our country is that apparently nothing can be done about this. I am not aware of any legal action underway to force the CDC to reveal the truth.

  14. I have enjoyed reading everyone’s emails and agree with your comments. The CDC is extremely evil!!!
    They do not care about human life to disclose the truth about the side effects that these vaccines have caused either!
    I am a healthy 65 years young women that was Pfizer vaccinated. The side effect that was experienced during the last six months was chronic muscular and joint pain within the arms and hips. I thought this pain was due to my age. Not true!
    According to a friend that works in our local health food store; shared some information from a customer. The customer explained that chronic muscular pain was one side effect revealed to him from a reliable source. He explained, we need to detox the body from these harsh chemicals that were injected into our bodies by drinking organic dandelion tea.
    I did not have the dandelion tea but a detox tea from Yogi with the dandelion ingredient. I had one cup of tea and the pain was gone immediately!!!!

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