Navy board sides with officer who refused Covid-19 vaccine

The following is an excerpt from Just the News.

In a stinging rebuke to the Pentagon, a Navy administrative separation board voted unanimously to retain an officer who refused to comply with the military’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate. 

Navy Lt. Billy Moseley, who has been an officer for 22 years, could have chosen to retire from the military when he was ordered to receive the Covid vaccine.

He also could have submitted a Religious Accommodation Request, since he objected to the vaccine for religious reasons. 

Risking his retirement, Moseley chose instead to take his case to the administrative separation board after learning “that the Navy and the other services intended to implement a blanket denial policy,” according to a press release from his attorney, R. Davis Younts. 

Moseley consulted with legal and medical experts and “became convinced that as an officer he had an obligation to take a stand against the unlawful order and be a voice for thousands of enlisted Sailors,” the press release continued. 

Younts argued at the board hearing that the mandate for the experimental Covid vaccines was not a lawful order since the military has not made fully FDA-approved versions of the vaccines available to military members. 

In the Navy, the board’s recommendation on whether to retain or separate (another term for firing) a member of the service is binding. 

Read Officer Moseley’s press release here.

Read entire article here.

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5 thoughts on “Navy board sides with officer who refused Covid-19 vaccine”

  1. Wonderful to see a good decision and salute Lt. Moseley for standing up and the board for having the courage needed. Hope it sets a preference for all those who’s military jobs are.on the line

  2. C19 wuhan red death vaccine mandates are illegal simply by measure of God given rights. The government cannot decree edicts like this at all ever. It is NOT their place. It’s great that this brave military man found a way to beat the system on this but we should not be fighting in courts over blatantly obvious God given rights. Besides all the that it’s not even a vaccine, it is mRNA therapy. The inventor Dr Robert Malone has publicly denounced usage of mRNA therapy as a one size fits all therapy and extended usage. The statistical analysis from proves the mRNA therapy has been very inconsistent. Those who have complied with health department, WHO and CDC recommendations of three four and five jabs still contract C19 and variants at the same rate as unjabbed people. It’s the same with the masks as well, no differences between heavily regulated mask mandate places and those who do not. While C19 is certainly proven to be deadly for specific demographics such as elderly and health compromised, etc, which is terrible, youth under 15 don’t get it hardly at all and healthy 65 and under survive it at very very high rates. The best treatments for C19 have proven to be things like monoclonal antibody therapy, ivermectin, hydroxychoroquine, zinc compounds, etc but not C19 jabs. It is also difficult to classify C19 as a pandemic because the overall death rate never changed over the course of the last few years which it would necessarily have to have increased infection rates and fatalities to qualify for. In the end C19(outside of the terrible count) qualifies more broadly as a hoax and a scam originated by the communist Chinese, spread around the world on purpose as biochemical warfare and the crisis used to scramble our elections into chaos through treasonous emergency powers and installing a clown in our White House to front for an illegal globalist regime.

  3. GLAD TO HEAR THIS! Now if we can remove CRT education from the US Military, we may still have a fighting chance to restore the Republic!

  4. These little victories are wonderful to hear about but it seems like one small step forward but there have been five huge steps backwards.

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