(POLL) Americans divided over face masks on airplanes

The following is an excerpt from Gallup.

Americans are about evenly divided on whether the government should require passengers to wear a face mask when flying on an airplane.

While 49% of U.S. adults say the federal government should require all travelers aged 2 and older to wear a mask, 51% feel it should not be mandated.

These latest results are from Gallup’s Covid-19 tracking survey conducted April 25 to May 2, after a federal judge struck down the national mask mandate for airplanes and public transportation.

Three in Five Americans Still Choose to Mask

Although the country is split over whether masks should be mandated on planes, a majority of Americans (60%) say that given the choice, they would choose to wear a face mask if they were traveling by plane in the next few days. Forty percent say they would opt to go maskless.

Party identification is the most significant driver of U.S. adults’ propensity to wear a mask on a flight. Ninety percent of Democrats and 54% of independents say they would do so, but just 22% of Republicans say the same. (Continued)

Read full polling results here.

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12 thoughts on “(POLL) Americans divided over face masks on airplanes”

  1. Sharyl you should do your own polling on your website. I believe majority of the people don’t believe the masks work & have been lied to. I don’t trust any of these polls.
    Thank you for all you do !!

  2. This is 100% completely false. 60% of passengers are definitely not wearing masks. Your poll is wrong. Leave your computer and go look around for yourself.

      1. ditto…………………….masks don’t work…..that’s the real science….they do help to distinguish the crazies from the realists though

  3. Just came back to ND from Florida on a vacation. We flew and had four legs ( 2 each way). About 90 % of passengers were not wearing a mask. Next time you poll ask the people who are flying, not those who are maybe, some day thinking of flying.

  4. In this accursed age of polls and lack of critical discernment, we have become far too reliant on poll results and the corporate media spin factory for a worthwhile reality check. The pocket computers we call “smart” have dumbed the populace down and rendered common sense a quaint artifact from a time when folks were functionally literate. If elections can be rigged, then so can polls. We have endured a global psyop for three years (or more) and it is time to address what is fact vs what is propaganda. End the mandates now. No more Masker-ade!

  5. I was in 3 airports yesterday. Maybe 10% wore a mask. Maybe.
    Screaming babies, on the other hand, were in abundance.

  6. I just flew to FL as well and from what I saw there might have been 5% of people wearing masks. This includes travelers, crew, TSA and terminal employees. If it was 50-50 on the mask wearing like the poll states I would have seen many more people wearing masks.

  7. I just flew to Florida and I’d guess 95% were not wearing masks going there and on return. Could be result of peer pressure to fit in but the reality is different than the poll.

  8. I flew from Syracuse New York to Denver to San Francisco to Sonoma county and maybe 10% of the people on the planes were wearing masks. Maybe less. I do not believe these polls. They are asking people who are not planning to fly what they would prefer other people to do. Makes no sense and gives a highly distorted impression.

    I’ve also gone into high end bakeries with signs requesting masks, in Sonoma County, and no patron is wearing one.

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