San Francisco’s Troubled Tenderloin District; Moms for Liberty; Transgender Update

Major cities across the country are struggling with an uptick in homelessness, mental illness, drug abuse, and the crime that is coming with them.

San Francisco’s Tenderloin District is one such example. An extremely liberal city, even the progressive residents are complaining loudly about the left-leaning policies that they say have brought the historic district to its knees.

San Francisco’s Tenderloin District

Things got so bad that the Mayor declared a 90 day state of emergency.

Buying, selling, and using drugs in the Tenderloin District with on sign of police

Sunday on Full Measure, see what we found when we visited the Tenderloin during the emergency.

Residents and advocates alike accuse the city of allowing the neighborhood to become an open-air illegal drug market in order to contain the activity to a poor section of town and away from the money areas.

Tenderloin residents say they are fed up

Find out what city officials have to say about that.

Street scene in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District

Also Sunday, Lisa Fletcher introduces us to some feisty moms who have become activists in today’s controversial public school environment where they say too many parents have been disregarded.

And I’ll have an update on my reporting on boys who have switched to girls’ sports teams where they are cleaning up the competition. The debate over transgenders in sports is putting some feminists and gay rights activists on the same side as some conservatives.

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5 thoughts on “San Francisco’s Troubled Tenderloin District; Moms for Liberty; Transgender Update”

  1. I used to love San Francisco, known by many as The City. There all the time when I live in Albany, just across the Bay Bridge. Then lived within 2.5 hour drive. Shopping, museums, hiking, and, especially, theater at the majestic Orpheum, pretty close to where the pictures are taken. It has been 4 years since I have been, and I doubt I will ever go back. Had a horrific experience last time. An obviously mentally ill or high man repeatedly banging his head against a metal pole while screaming. Bloody, nobody stopped, police did not come, right outside my hotel. The homeless, public deification on streets, in the open, drug use, including needle use on the streets, in the open, the pan handling that has now crossed the line into dangerous harassment, the crime against people and cars. I feel bad that I won’t be supporting the local shops and restaurants that I once loved. But, then, the owners have probably voted for the lawmakers that have allowed this city to decompose, for the last 40 years, so I guess they deserve the results from their lawmakers decisions.

  2. The drug problem is multifaceted but at the core, lots of powerful people are making money on it combined with misguided citizens who have lost their collective minds. An open border brings in drugs and people to replace those babies aborted and the attack on motherhood. How could a society so smart be so dumb? Ask the Left.

  3. Although it must be much worse now, the Tenderloin was never merely a poor area. It was a center for drugs and prostitution for at least the past fifty years. My sister and I lived on Leavenworth between Post and Geary in 1969-70, and every day my sister walked down to Market Street to catch the streetcar to San Francisco State. I experienced a taste of what she endured when I walked down there once and was accosted by a pimp who dripped slime. The prostitute on the corner who witnessed this encounter spoke very kindly to me—much appreciated. It was extremely dangerous to go there after dark.

  4. Thank you, Sharyl. You’re courage and integrity is a refreshing lighthouse in the swamp. It saddens my heart that humans allow other humans to fall to this level. It’s embarrassing as a species and as a nation. It’s painfully obvious that the government is absolutely allowing this sort of behavior to flourish. The everlasting question is, why? The elites and the lunatic governments have to live in the same shitty world they are hell bent on creating, so why? What does it get anyone to willing destroy a culture and nation?

  5. After living on this planet for 60 years watching the countless cases of greed corruption and hardships in every country in this World along with the senseless invasion of Ukrain and endless Wars. It would be best if every child born under went there first 10 years of life on this Planet with 2 classes a week of mental counsel to prepare them for a life on this Planet with other Crazy greedy people causing it all…”Welcome to Jerry Springer Sanitarium ! Otherwise known as Planet Earth 3rd Rock from the Sun, enter at your own risk ? Pitiful isn’t it ?

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