Social Security Cheating Widows; China’s Brain Weapons; Dying Dead Sea

Social Security is supposed to help provide financial support for aging Americans.

But one social security claims authorizer learned a dark secret: the agency was unintentionally cheating elderly widows out of cash.

When he blew the whistle, he says he was told to keep his mouth shut and “Do his job.”

Sunday on Full Measure, a riveting interview with the whistleblower, who still works for the agency.

We’ll find out why the Social Security Administration hasn’t fixed the problem even though the Office of Special Counsel told them to years ago.

Also on this week’s program, a chilling report on what China weapons scientists are working on.

Projects include weapons that can be controlled by the brain, and bioweapons designed to attack certain races but spare others.

And Scott Thuman reports from the Dead Sea which, by many accounts, is dying. Find out why.

We never waste your time rehashing the same news you’ve heard all week. Find out where and when to watch on TV or online by clicking this link: How to Watch Full Measure

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2 thoughts on “Social Security Cheating Widows; China’s Brain Weapons; Dying Dead Sea”

  1. GEORGE fate Eady

    the virus was china first attack on certen races .that virus has done what it was made to do . and the democrates are behind it. facui was the person sending millions to that lab throw the dnc . trump tryed to stop the money flow .he was stoped. and then the dnc puts facui in charge of the virus. what ouse do you need to see this .the fda ,cdc. and the rest went along with this crap . public you are the victims in this con. and i dont mean jest the virus

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