YouTube censors video on election integrity

Judicial Watch has announced that YouTube recently censored one of its videos about Biden corruption and election integrity issues in the 2020 election.

The video, titled “Impeach? Biden Corruption Threatens National Security,” was falsely determined to be “election misinformation” and removed by YouTube. Judicial Watch’s YouTube account was suspended for a week.

The video featured an interview of Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

Judicial Watch has posted the video on its Rumble channel. Rumble does not censor political opinions or investigations that take on powerful figures.

“YouTube again censored Judicial Watch to help advance a partisan and leftist agenda on election and other debates. Just in time for another election season, Big Tech, with the direct encouragement of President Joe Biden, is escalating the corrupt ‘Great Suppression’ of conservative and government critics online. Elon Musk’s commitment to free speech is welcome but Big Tech remains an enemy of the First Amendment.”

Judicial Watch President, Tom Fitton

Last year, YouTube deleted a Judicial Watch video at the request of California government officials, according to documents uncovered by the watchdog group.

Judicial Watch has nearly a half-million YouTube subscribers and is one of the nation’s leading election integrity organizations.

Most recently, the organization filed a lawsuit that stopped an extreme gerrymander by Democrats in Maryland and the group has successfully pursued federal litigation in multiple states to clean up millions of “dirty voter rolls.”

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2 thoughts on “YouTube censors video on election integrity”

  1. What this country is sadly in need of … is patriotism, So, let’s encourage wherever we gather, houses of worship, schools, sporting events; patriotic and military songs, the pledge of allegiance, just like it was once, not that long ago.
    It’s a simple way to make a statement, encourage others like minded (and drive the insurrectionists into a frenzy, exposing who they are).

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