69 hospitals cited for unvaccinated workers

The following is an excerpt from Becker’s Hospital Review.

CMS [The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, a federal agency] said it has cited 69 hospitals for not complying with the agency’s Covid-19 vaccination mandate covering healthcare facilities participating in the Medicare and Medicaid programs, Politico reported May 30.  

The mandate, which the Supreme Court upheld Jan. 13, requires healthcare facilities to establish a policy ensuring eligible workers are fully vaccinated, with exemptions allowed based on religious beliefs or recognized medical conditions. 

As of February, up to one-third of nurses remained unvaccinated at some facilities, according to Politico. The agency told the publication it is working to bring the 69 cited hospitals into compliance.

The number of hospitals cited for noncompliance is one part of the Politico report, which highlights the challenge CMS faces in ensuring regulations are followed after the agency issues them.

Jon Blum, CMS principal deputy administrator and COO, acknowledged the agency scaled back inspections during the pandemic, especially earlier in the pandemic amid transmission risk, but cited improvement efforts since the program’s relaunch about a year ago.

“We are holding the health system accountable,” he told Politico.

Earlier in May, the agency said it is boosting oversight of hospitals with Covid-19 outbreaks. CMS also has said it will release a full year of data on the number of hospital workers vaccinated against Covid-19 in October.

The agency said it is requesting $103 million in additional federal funds, according to Politico.

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11 thoughts on “69 hospitals cited for unvaccinated workers”

  1. Plumbob Carpenter

    Could you list them so that we can choose which ones we wish to use?
    Sounds like to some decent, sane hospitals that aren’t buying the Kool Aid.

  2. How disgusting to have hospitals forcing employees to take the dangerous and sometimes deadly inoculations. By now, anyone paying attention to the horrors of the “COVID” shots knows that excessive death rates are up among people who ordinarily would not be at serious risk from the SARS CoV-2 virus. Couple that with the continuing refusal to allow physicians to prescribe effective treatments early and to threaten their licenses if they do.

    Which part do people not get. We are the prey (to cite the title of a book) and this administration is doing all it can top destroy the health of the nation. WAKE UP AMERICA.

  3. The 1976 Swine flu vaccine program was halted after 34 people died from the vaccine. So far under the VAERS reporting 27,000 people died from the covid vaccines. Only 1% of the healthcare systems report to the VAERS reporting system. A recent European healthcare reporting system reported 79,000 deaths from the vaccines in Europe.

  4. Interesting that they are not reporting how many people currently coming down with covid are fully vaccinated. Three months ago, at the hospital I previously worked for and who require all staff to be fully vaccinated, 1,200 nurses were out at the same time because they got covid.

  5. The nurses should sue their administration, like the soldier who recently sued the military and won his case because the FDA approved Comirnity was not available to him, but instead only the EUA version. It is illegal to force an experimental synthetic drug on a US citizen, is it not? At this point, knowing that the jabbed can still transmit, coupled with the fact that a negative efficacy occurs after the booster, it’s both reckless and dangerous to be mandating any COVID shots. They need to end their fear and death campaign already. We have too many facts that counter their ludicrous claims.

  6. Utter insanity. These are the people we are trusting with our health? Scary! Can they not read? These injections are not only killing people, they DON’T WORK and actually make you more likely to get Covid. Who is this clueless CMS person?

  7. The real data about how dangerous the shots are is trickling out. This insane need to poison everyone is the crime of century..

  8. It is interesting to note by someone ….why does the drug companies opt out of liability of a drug that they manufacture because they know the dangers and then these employers mandate one take the vaccine….Just don’t make sense..Are they that STUPID…I guess so
    Big Pharma are so rich in gold so to speak and even if a case is lost..and fined big $$ they just pay the fine and keep on trucking like it never happened

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