(READ) ‘Critical Race Theory’ being taught at West Point

The watchdog group Judicial Watch has obtained over 600 pages of records that reportedly reveal “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) instruction is taking place at the US Military Academy, West Point.

Judicial Watch obtained the records through two Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits filed against the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) after the agency failed to comply with FOIA law.

The DOD failed to respond to the watchdog’s requests for records concerning critical race theory training at West Point and emails related to such training. Emails produced as a result of the lawsuit involve the following military personnel: LTG Darryl A. Williams, Superintendent, United States Military Academy; BG Mark C. Quander, Commandant, U.S. Corps of Cadets, US Military Academy; and CSM Michael J. Coffee, former U.S. Military Academy senior enlisted leader

According to Judicial Watch, the military academy records include the following material about “whiteness:”

In order to understand racial inequality and slavery, it is first necessary to address whiteness.

“White people and people of color live racially different structured lives” – Frankenberg

1) Is a location of structural advantage, of race privilege.

2) A standpoint or place from which white people look at themselves and the rest of society

3) Refers to a set of cultural practices that are usually unmarked and unnamed:

Take-for-grantedness of whiteness

  • Privilege lives within this

A slide in the materials is titled “By the Numbers” and has a graphic titled “Modern Day Slavery in the USA.”

It lists the following:

Blacks are more likely than whites to…

  • Live below the poverty line
  • Be victims of homicide (6:1)
  • Be incarcerated (8:1)

Blacks are less likely than whites to…

Have a college education

Receive recommended medical screening tests

Receive bank approval for a housing mortgage

Own their own homes

Receive a job promotion

Students are instructed that critical race theory, “Grows out of the field of law and studies the way that racism is built into and reproduced through the institutions that organize everyday life.” 

Another presentation is titled “Education and Work Inequality,” in which one slide has a text box: “‘Race and the Invisible Hand’ How White Networks Exclude Black Men from Blue-Collar Jobs.”

Another slide in the presentation titled “Affirmative Action,” asks cadets:

  • Do you think Affirmative Action creates and [sic] environment for “reverse discrimination?” Use CRT to support your answer.

Cadets are asked in a slide titled “Conundrums of Integration:”

  • What is the difference between desegregation versus integration? How would you apply a tenant [sic] of CRT to this idea?

An additional PowerPoint presentation, includes a slide titled “Critical Race Theory and Policy” which describes critical race theory as having the following attributes:

  •    Racism is ordinary
  •    Race is socially constructed
  •    White Americans have primarily benefited from civil rights legislation

A slide in the presentation titled “Queer Theory and Policy,” under the general heading “Queer Theory” lists:

  •     Heterosexuality is the basis for sexual formations
  •     Queer theory is multidisciplinary
  •     Gay and lesbian issues get combined into one category when they are not the same

In the syllabus for a 3-credit Social Sciences Department class titled “The Politics of Race, Gender, and Sexuality,” an assigned reading text is “Critical Race Theory: An Introduction” by Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic.

In the course description, the syllabus notes: “[T]he class will serve as an introduction to the theoretical concepts of post-modernism. This will include a focus on feminist theory, critical race theory, and queer theory.”

Another objective is to “consider how the contemporary issues that relate to race, gender, and sexuality apply to the army and how they impact the army officer. The concepts that will be discussed in this class are essential for future military officers to understand and fully absorb.”

Our military is under attack – from within. These documents show racist, anti-American CRT propaganda is being used to try to radicalize our rising generation of Army leadership at West Point”

Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch President

To view the lawsuits and CRT records click the links below:

Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Defense (No. 1:21-cv-01795) – CRT records here.

Judicial Watch, Inc. v. U.S. Department of Defense (No. 1:21-cv-02616) – CRT records here.

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6 thoughts on “(READ) ‘Critical Race Theory’ being taught at West Point”

  1. Thank you for this article! I have been pondering the details for many months upon learning about this anti-American/anti-constitution decision within the highest ranks of the US military. Why can’t folks simply grasp the wise words of MLK when he said: We must judge a person by their character rather than the color of their skin. CRT is the most harmful and divisive ideological virus this nation must treat before we lose all that is precious and sacred. The pablum and hubris regarding racism have merely created a chronic victim identity for people of color. And the blowback among too many white folks who are faced with the same financial challenges has resulted in reflexive sarcastic memes such as: “I’m giving up my white privilege card and applying for the victim card.” If immigrants can come to this country and get benefits that aren’t provided to our native-born working-class folks–this is surely a recipe for disaster. The only people who benefit from CRT when taught to our military is the ruling class,i.e., the Oligarchs and Plutocrats; because this is who the military will protect when we have no constitution left.

  2. Agree with you Rick 100%. It is a big part of the intention to destroy our country and must be stopped. I am all for School Choice so our children can get a great education and not be taught this foolishness. CRT has been so engrained in the west coast ideology that we have all kinds.of problems we didn’t have previously. Our education system is a.joke with kids graduating high school who never learned much of anything. Standards have been lowered to the point of ridiculous. Kids are having melt downs because they think we will all die from climate change and nobody cares. Young people believe antifa groups are necessary and the rulers smile. Disgusting!! I remember when people had common sense out here. Why do people risk their lives to come to America if we are so awful? Good grief Charlie Brown!

  3. I am so confused. What is it about this content that folks find so offensive? I read this and appreciate the quest for introspection. Are there things we take for granted or don’t understand? Are there things we could do better? Have we created social constructs that have unintended consequences? Asking these questions is NOT placing blame nor creating victims. If the answer to any question is “yes”, then we have learned something and can do better. If the answer is “no” then we move on. But to assume this is indoctrination or bias is entirely missing the point.

    1. I agree with you Karen. This reflects the history of the US, so can’t be un-American. But serves to help officers understand where people are coming from if they use CRT “arguments” and develop their own answers showing they understand, not necessarily agree, with the argument.

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