After Hours: Texas vs Big Tech Censorship (Podcast)

An analysis of the Texas law to try to stop Big Tech censorship, and the unusual Supreme Court alliances that temporarily blocked the law this week.

Listen here.

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1 thought on “After Hours: Texas vs Big Tech Censorship (Podcast)”

  1. Big Tech seems to do a better Job at censorship people and some articles then it’s devices O.S. platforms and Browser search and privacy security settings ? Example; go into your Windows or Android devices Browser privacy settungs. Now set settings to delete searich and cookies info upon exiting Browser, to not save data info after exiting browser. even in private mode I have went into the Hard drive and found info data according to your settings they was not supposed to be saving , I even manually clicked on dumping search and webpage data and found its not getting rid of all that settings claim it’s doing.” Do as I say not as I do Texas ,”say’s Big tech to the World ?? Data Laundering ? Big tech ways or the Highway Texas ? It seems Big Tech cannot live up to it’s own devices search and privacy content settings…Big tech needs better Regulation in it’s O.S. systems and Browsers . My advice to Texas law makers here ? appoint a also IT security team people also to regulate Big Tech into delivering Half the privacy and security settings it was not actually doing in the past 28 years , to start from this day forward for the actual next 28 years. And stop your Data Laundering activities you and Data brokers been getting away with on people’s devices ?

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