(BMJ analysis) Covid-19 vaccine policy: more harm than good

The following is an excerpt from BMJ Journals: Global Health, Volume 7, Issue 5

The unintended consequences of Covid-19 vaccine policy: why mandates, passports and restrictions may cause more harm than good” 

  • Mandatory Covid-19 vaccine policies have been used around the world during the Covid-19 pandemic to increase vaccination rates. But these policies have provoked considerable social and political resistance, suggesting that they have unintended harmful consequences and may not be ethical, scientifically justified, and effective.
  • We outline a comprehensive set of hypotheses for why current Covid-19 vaccine policies may prove to be both counterproductive and damaging to public health. Our framework synthesizes insights from behavioural psychology (reactance, cognitive dissonance, stigma, and distrust), politics and law (effects on civil liberties, polarization, and global governance), socio-economics (effects on inequality, health system capacity and social wellbeing) and the integrity of science and public health (the erosion of public health ethics and regulatory oversight).
  • Our analysis strongly suggests that mandatory Covid-19 vaccine policies have had damaging effects on public trust, vaccine confidence, political polarization, human rights, inequities and social wellbeing. We question the effectiveness and consequences of coercive vaccination policy in pandemic response and urge the research community and policymakers to return to non-discriminatory, trust-based public health approaches.

Link to full text of journal article here.

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7 thoughts on “(BMJ analysis) Covid-19 vaccine policy: more harm than good”

  1. If these policies have damaged public trust, then they have served a useful purpose after all.

    It has been revealed that general public trust has been appalling. For so many to trust our government, our medical institutions, CDC, WHO, to the point of taking very questionable vaccines, wearing unhealthy masks, submitting to deadly lockdowns…

    I truly believe that if Fauci had required everyone to crawl because they have discovered that Covid virus, being so light, cannot drop below 4 feet, many would do it and delight in their new designer knee pads!

    If anyone still thinks that these institutions care about your health, science, or life!, then they do not understand their nature – power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. No accountability = absolute power, and caring about the health of the individual is entirely lost. The authors of the Constitution did understand this. It is about time that Americans get back to it, and stand!!

  2. What will liberals really think when one day they’ll find out that elements of the United States government had part with China in the release of covid 19 resulting in millions of deaths. how proud will they be of those that are in charge in Washington DC

  3. The fact that there was any trust to begin with shocking. It has been obvious for at least 20 years that our political leaders and institutions are all incompetent and corrupt. Even worse is that the ones that are supposed to protect us from the corruption (media and IC) are political and corrupt.

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