College students sues over ‘ineffective’ Covid-19 vaccine mandates

As many college students are enjoying their summer breaks, US colleges and universities are gearing up to mandate yet another round of the Covid-19 vaccine booster shots for students returning in Fall of 2022.

That’s despite the fact that the vaccines neither prevent infection nor transmission, and that young people have a near-zero statistical chance of getting seriously ill from Covid; while scientists say the vaccines carry risks of side effects– particularly among the young.

The Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF) recently held a webinar to discuss this issue and counter measures being taken by college students and civil rights attorney Warner Mendenhall.

College students Ben Lipp of the University of Cincinnati and Tyce Patt of the Ohio University College of Business were featured on the latest VSRF update to discuss their lawsuits against the Covid-19 vaccine and booster mandates.

The lawsuits intend to represent the collective power of college students and their principled conviction to fight against discrimination. 

Based upon the recent coverage in the local press, the students accompanied by their legal experts, appear to have already set a precedent for other collegiate students across the country. 

On January 4, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported that much of the students’ lawsuit revolved around the belief that University of Cincinnati “officials lack authority under state law to enforce such a mandate, the lawsuit states.” 

Read details of the lawsuit here. 

In a separate case at Ohio University (OU), a group of fifteen students and an employee have filed litigation to stop the school’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate.   According to news coverage, “The civil suit, filed Dec. 7, 2021, in the Athens County Court of Common Pleas, argues — among other things — OU’s vaccine mandate violates the Ohio Constitution by infringing on people’s rights to turn down medical treatment.”   

To learn more about that lawsuit, read this article featured in the Post, Ohio University’s student-run, independent news site. 

To watch and/or learn more about these cases, plus view previous VSRF updates register here.

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5 thoughts on “College students sues over ‘ineffective’ Covid-19 vaccine mandates”

  1. So glad to see pushback from young people. I keep hearing about heart issues in young people, a lot of heart fibrillation issues in general too. Whyever are they mandating these vacs for babies, children and young people who rarely have issues and they know it?

    1. If you have time, watch the video at the VSRF link given above. The two college students bringing lawsuits discuss some of the reasons their colleges are doing this, revealed by internal emails obtained by Freedom of Information requests. It’s very enlightening and sad at the same time.

      I’m not aware of any mandates (yet!) for babies. As for children, there are political efforts underway to mandate vaccinations for all public school kids in some states (California for one). Reasons for the public school push are open to speculation, but the old saying is “money talks”.

  2. Nancy, the only reason I can think as to why CDC is requiring shots for babies and young children is to continue the scare among adults in order to control the population. I can’t think of any other reason. My gosh, those poor babies and young children!! I wish parents would wake up and realize covid won’t hurt their children.

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