Depp Verdict Marks Turning Point in Weaponization of ‘Me Too’ Movement

Johnny Depp won big in his defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard. A lot of media figures and analysts seem to be in denial.

The following is excerpted from Sharyl Attkisson’s news analysis in Epoch Times.

The Depp verdict marks a seminal moment in the weaponization of the “Me Too” movement. Some tweeted out news of Depp’s win using the modified hashtag: #MenToo.

Most people already knew that the suggestion that all “women are to be believed” at their first utterance of a “Me Too” accusation is as ludicrous as claiming that women never lie and men never tell the truth. Yet today’s propagandized Internet and media environment made it where even commonsense responses to ludicrous claims have made people targets for bullying, attacks, cancellation, and harassment.

An eventual backlash was inevitable.

First came the obvious inconsistencies. It turned out some women were not believed by the very advocates who claimed “women were to be believed.” In practice, it depends on which side the woman is on. Likewise, facts ultimately proved that some women who were believed turned out to be blatantly lying.

Second, the “Me Too” cause—in and of itself a worthy one—became weaponized. It has been exploited by dishonest players who know that the mere taint of an accusation is enough to destroy a political or personal enemy.

And yet, even now, the many in the media miss the point punctuated by the Depp verdict. They remain blinded by their zeal to twist the case to fit their narrative rather than admit women are not always to be believed, some of them don’t tell the truth, and they—the media—got behind the wrong horse.

For example, a headline in the propaganda blog Slate actually dubs the Depp trial as being “rigged.” The article, like many in the media, wrongly assumed that all of the support for Depp’s side of the story had nothing to do with evidence. (It was written by a woman named Nicole Lewis who apparently feels a great deal of self-shame for having idolized Depp in her youth.) “We have been told again and again to disbelieve women and revere men,” whined Lewis.

Quite the opposite. (Where have these people been the past decade?)


Read the full article at Epoch Times. Paywall may be encountered.

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1 thought on “Depp Verdict Marks Turning Point in Weaponization of ‘Me Too’ Movement”

  1. Such a lucid, sensible analysis of the situation. My work gives me a spectator view of divorce cases and the lies both sides tell. I remain aghast at one woman I know who has been indoctrinated by the media to “believe all women”. I must share your article with her, Sharyl! Thank you.

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